5 Tips for Keeping Your WordPress Site Secure

May 8, 2017

5 Tips for Keeping Your WordPress Site Secure

With around 75 million websites powered by it, WordPress is an enticing target for hackers. And, despite the performance gains associated with the new PHP 7 implementation this year, there are still some security concerns that need to be ironed out for this scripting language. Fortunately, if you take the following steps, you are sure to decrease your site’s vulnerability to a cyber-attack:

1.       Optimize Folder and File Permissions

Any developer should explore WordPress’s default file permissions. It is crucial that you develop a brief understanding of the default permissions even though messing around with them generally isn’t advisable. Basically, they determine which users have access to open, modify, and read the content of relevant files. Permissions like 777 should be avoided since they allow users to read, write, and delete folders.

2.       Update WordPress Regularly

You are prompted to update your current version of WordPress whenever a new update is rolled out. Additionally, there are notifications for when an installed plugin or theme needs to be updated. There are usually good reasons for why notifications keep showing up. Updates are pretty straightforward. Though it is enticing to choose automatic updates, you should avoid it since it takes any incompatibilities out of your hands.

3.       Hide Default URLs

WordPress assigns you two default URLs – wp-login.php and wp-admin.php – at the time of installation. It is simple for hackers to get access to your website’s entry point since they are the same URLs for every WordPress site. You can effectively protect your WordPress site further against brute force attacks by hiding your backend URLs. Hiding your login page minimizes malicious login attempts by preventing widespread access.

4.       Secure Admin and Login Screens

Another way to ward off brute force attacks is by limiting the number of login attempts from a single source over a set period of time. An IP address’s access will be limited for a given amount of time after it unsuccessfully tries to login with different password and username combinations. Also, consider removing the option of notifying users what field they have made a mistake in.

5.       Keep Your Site Backed up

You should back up your site at least every week. Also, before you make any changes to your site’s core files, a backup is a good idea. This simple step will ensure your site is easy to restore if there is a hacking attempt or a faulty plugin.

When you follow these simple tips, you will make it harder for hackers to mess with your WordPress site. 


Written By: Jocelyn Brown


What does “Roguelike” mean ?

March 3, 2017

Roguelike –is a subgenre of role-playing video games characterized by a dungeon crawl through procedurally generated game levels, turn-based gameplay, tile-based graphics, and permanent death of the player-character. Most roguelikes are based on a high fantasy narrative, reflecting their influence from tabletop role playing games such as Dungeons & Dragons. Though the roguelikes Beneath Apple Manor and Sword of Fargoal predate it, the 1980 game Rogue is considered the forerunner and the namesake of the genre, with derivative games mirroring Rogue‘s character- or sprite-based graphics. These games were popularized among college students and computer programmers of the 1980s and 1990s, leading to a large number of variants but adhering to these common gameplay elements, often titled the “Berlin Interpretation”. Some of the better-known variants include Hack, NetHack, Ancient Domains of Mystery, Moria, Angband, and Tales of Maj’Eyal. The Japanese series of Mystery Dungeon games by Chunsoft, inspired by Rogue, also fall within the concept of roguelike games.

More recently, with more powerful home computers and gaming systems, new variations of roguelikes incorporating other gameplay genres, thematic elements and graphical styles have become popular, typically retaining the notion of procedural generation and permanent death of the player-character. Indie games like Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space, Spelunky, The Binding of Isaac, FTL: Faster Than Light, and Rogue Legacy helped to establish the use of roguelike elements in other genres. These titles are sometimes labeled as “roguelike-like”, “rogue-lite”, or “procedural death labyrinths” to reflect the variation from titles which mimic the gameplay of traditional roguelikes more faithfully. Other games, like Diablo and UnReal World, key titles in the action role-playing and the survival game genres respectively, took inspiration from roguelikes.


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Source: Wikipedia

What is a “CBZ or CBR” File ?

January 1, 2017

A comic book archive or comic book reader file (also called sequential image file) is a type of archive file for the purpose of sequential viewing of images, commonly for comic books. The idea was made popular by the CDisplay sequential image viewer; since then, many viewers for different platforms have been created.

Comic book archive files mainly consist of a series of image files, typically PNG (lossless compression) or JPEG (lossy compression) files, stored as a single archive file. Occasionally GIF, BMP, and TIFF files are seen. Folders may be used to group images.

The file name extension indicates the archive type used:

  • .cb7 → 7z
  • .cba → ACE
  • .cbr → RAR[2]
  • .cbt → TAR
  • .cbz → ZIP[3]

Comic book archive files are not a distinct file format; only the file name extension differs from a standard file of the given archive type.

The file names inside an archive are usually numbered in ascending order according to the original page number, including the use of preceding zeros for all positions (example: using 001 rather than 1) to force the proper display of images by viewers across all operating systems. Otherwise files can be displayed out of order (example: 1, 10-19, 100-199, 2, 20-29, 3, etc.) due to differences in how file name characters are handled by each operating system.

Comic book archive viewers typically offer various dedicated functions to read the content, like one page forward/backwards, go to first/last page, zoom or print. Some applications support additional tag information in the form of embedded XML files in the archive or use of the ZIP comment to store additional information. These files can include additional information like artists, story information, table of contents or even a separate text layer for comic book translations. Efforts, such as the Comic Metadata (CoMet) Format, have been made to define an open standard.

Source: Wikipedia

MegaMan Powered Up – PSP Game Review –

October 30, 2016

Gameplay: 7.5/10 -This game seems to have very tight controls and jumping and landing on edges can and is very frustrating to say the very least.

Learning Curve : Easy – Insane difficulty – You should have no real issue getting thought MegaMan’s powered up levels on easy with no real issue. But after that it can be a real ball buster.

Graphics: 9/10 – I was really impressed with the whole graphics experience way to go CAPCOM you did the PSP proud.

Lasting Appeal: 8/10There is tons to do is this game you can play as FlameMan , IceMan, and so on and each player add a new element to the game which is really great.

The Whole Package: 8/10 – I say it is a must have for PSP owners and with so much to do including 3 levels of difficulty and a few different other player other then MegaMan and the ability to create levels you won’t want to put this down anytime soon.

Overall rating 8/10 – This game is one of the cheaper PSP games even new and it is well worth the price. But my 2 main issues with it which are minor is that FlameMan is unbalanced next to the other characters and also the issues with super tight controls feeling you want to jump so high. But you can’t or want to stop on a dime and can’t.

Later Dayz,

Remy “Se7en”

Coded Arms – PSP Game Review

October 29, 2016

Genra: First Person Shooter (FPS)

About This Game: Coded Arms takes place in an abandoned virtual reality system inside a giant computer network. The VR system was originally created as a combat training simulator in the event of an alien invasion. However, during this program’s development, a major flaw was discovered and the project was scrapped. Though abandoned, the program kept evolving within the computer network and eventually turned into a vast and brutal VR world populated with virtual alien invaders, dangerous computer bugs, the VR system’s own security bots and huge boss enemies. Players take the role of a computer hacker who infiltrates the VR system. Gamers fight through five different game worlds with multiple gameplay levels. More than 30 different weapons are available to battle the horde of virtual creatures, including real world weapons such as sniper rifles, machine guns, grenades, and more fantastic armaments such as pulse rifles.

Gameplay: 7/10 – This game has some minor aiming issues

Learning Curve : Easy – Insane difficulty – There are control issues when looking up some elements take some getting use to like portal colours..and such and upgrade icons

Graphics/Sound: 8/10 – Looks great it pulls of the whole Metal Gear Solid VR sim experience and it is suppose to be a sim that has gotten infected by nasty Viruses so very well done.

Lasting Appeal: 8/10 – There are a lot of items and areas to unlock and there are always things you missed.

The Whole Package: 8.5/10 – Great game very easy to find and very affordable

Overall rating 8.5/10 – This game has really fast load times. Very Cool weapons and a difficulty level that increases after each zone

Till My Next PSP Game review,

Remy “Se7en”

Monster Hunter : Freedom – PSP Game Review –

October 28, 2016

Gameplay: 6/10 – Interesting game to say the least again I was expecting a Dungeon RPG game and that it is not the game is more like HARVEST MOON basically you are a hunter and you are trying to work you way up to get better jobs and you can fish fight kill and many other things and it works on real time mission take a real 50 min to complete in most cases and it has lots of load screens.

Learning Curve : Very Hard difficulty – it is the hardest PSP game I’ve played other then the other Monster Hunter

Graphics: 7.5/10 – a lot off load screens way to many for my liking it is a very dark environment with a lot of detail the monsters are breath taking and the blood is done real well A+

Lasting Appeal: 7/10 There are a lot to do provided you don’t give up right away It is hard real hard if you like simulation games like harvest moon then you’ll love this game.

The Whole Package: 6.5/10 – Don’t get me wrong this game is very interesting and very good for what is it..but the level of difficulty of a newbie player..is crazy to say the least but if you hang ion there you’ll have many hours of PSP fun you can find it for a mere $9.99 used grab it if you can find it it’s going to be a hard game to find later on trust me on this…

Later Dayz,

Remy “Se7en”

Killzone : Liberation – PSP Game Review –

October 27, 2016

Gameplay: 6/10 – Not what I expected – it is a third person shooter – of course expecting the PS2 version on the portable and being first person shooter. Don’t be fooled but its worth it if you like Killzone and want to see the second part of the story.

Learning Curve : Medium difficulty – It is a real Bit** learning how to use the analog numb and learning to use the map and how easily you will get you ass handed to you when you first start. Some people will not like this type of gameplay and just give up but if you do stick in there and unlock everything you’ll be in for a real treat with the Crossbow level 2 or the Gatling Gun Level 2.

Graphics: 6.5/10 – Not the best on the system and the cinematics their mouths don’t move which is stupid…also when there is to much action on the screen there is really bad LAG

Lasting Appeal: 7/10 It has a free download able 5th chapter. That is if you can get past the boss in the end of the 4th chapter..plus there is rumour of more.

The Whole Package: 8/10 – If you want a game like metal gear solid but only with the stealth element..almost totally removed and you you want to see the second part of Killzone then it is a must have it is going for $9.99 MSRP used and probably cheaper on e-Bay

Overall rating 7/10 because of the control issues and when there is to much action on screen there is really bad LAG…

Later Dayz,

Remy “Se7en”

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