MegaMan Powered Up – PSP Game Review –

Gameplay: 7.5/10 -This game seems to have very tight controls and jumping and landing on edges can and is very frustrating to say the very least.

Learning Curve : Easy – Insane difficulty – You should have no real issue getting thought MegaMan’s powered up levels on easy with no real issue. But after that it can be a real ball buster.

Graphics: 9/10 – I was really impressed with the whole graphics experience way to go CAPCOM you did the PSP proud.

Lasting Appeal: 8/10There is tons to do is this game you can play as FlameMan , IceMan, and so on and each player add a new element to the game which is really great.

The Whole Package: 8/10 – I say it is a must have for PSP owners and with so much to do including 3 levels of difficulty and a few different other player other then MegaMan and the ability to create levels you won’t want to put this down anytime soon.

Overall rating 8/10 – This game is one of the cheaper PSP games even new and it is well worth the price. But my 2 main issues with it which are minor is that FlameMan is unbalanced next to the other characters and also the issues with super tight controls feeling you want to jump so high. But you can’t or want to stop on a dime and can’t.

Later Dayz,

Remy “Se7en”

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