Dante’s Inferno: Trials of St. Lucia – PS3 DLC Review

Main Game: Dante’s Inferno

DLC Name: Trials of St. Lucia

DLC Cost: $4.99 USD/CAD

Completion Time: Potentially endless

DLC Content: Dante’s Inferno: Trials of St. Lucia is a major update for the hit action game Dante’s Inferno. Play solo or online co-op with St. Lucia (a new playable character!) or Dante to defeat combat Trials for medals and leaderboard scores. Create new custom battles that you can share online with the Editor!

Overall Rating : 6/10 – Now this DLC I admit is interesting idea becuase you get a new playable character St. Lucia. Which would of been way better if she was playable in the main game. But instead she is trapped in a PVP battles arena.  Which is fine if you are into that. But I am not.

This DLC adds a more vamped up version of Gates Of Hell Mode. But that is pretty much it. I have to admit I was very into it for ohh maybe 3 days. Then I lost interest becuase it gets so repetitive and there is only so much juice you can squeezes out of this very limited DLC.

So I feel even hardcore fans like myself. Should take pause and really think . Do I want to spend $9.99 on a non-game related extension that will on really be interesting if you are into the whole leader boards and competitions and cred that comes with winning the harder trials.

Till My Next Review,

Remy “Se7en”

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