Monster Hunter : Freedom – PSP Game Review –

Gameplay: 6/10 – Interesting game to say the least again I was expecting a Dungeon RPG game and that it is not the game is more like HARVEST MOON basically you are a hunter and you are trying to work you way up to get better jobs and you can fish fight kill and many other things and it works on real time mission take a real 50 min to complete in most cases and it has lots of load screens.

Learning Curve : Very Hard difficulty – it is the hardest PSP game I’ve played other then the other Monster Hunter

Graphics: 7.5/10 – a lot off load screens way to many for my liking it is a very dark environment with a lot of detail the monsters are breath taking and the blood is done real well A+

Lasting Appeal: 7/10 There are a lot to do provided you don’t give up right away It is hard real hard if you like simulation games like harvest moon then you’ll love this game.

The Whole Package: 6.5/10 – Don’t get me wrong this game is very interesting and very good for what is it..but the level of difficulty of a newbie crazy to say the least but if you hang ion there you’ll have many hours of PSP fun you can find it for a mere $9.99 used grab it if you can find it it’s going to be a hard game to find later on trust me on this…

Later Dayz,

Remy “Se7en”

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