Big Data is Changing the Face of the Online World

Big Data is Changing the Face of the Online World

Today, there is more data available than ever before. Every online transaction, mouse click, social media like, share or retweet – indeed every webpage you click on – creates its very own data stream. As the amount of data has increased, the tools and techniques for collating, sorting and analyzing it have also advanced. Welcome to the world of big data analytics. Welcome to the future.

Understanding of the marketing and strategic insights that big data can provide is still in its infancy, but as organizations devote more and more of their time and budgets into cutting-edge big data analytics, it is becoming clear that this new paradigm will bring unprecedented growth and evolution to the Internet, and to our relationship with it.

Big data in action

Sometimes, it can already feel like we are in some Orwellian society and Big Brother is watching us. How often have you searched the net for something, only to log on to Facebook and be bombarded with banner ads for just what you were seeking?

Right there, is a simple form of big data in action. All sorts of services are silently watching what we do and how we do it in order to predict our next move, and this will advance exponentially over the coming years, as methods of data analytics improve.

For example, even as you read this, your LinkedIn profile is quietly at work, connecting you with career opportunities and Siri is sitting patiently on your wrist, monitoring your health and exercise.

A bespoke and personalized user experience

As we look to the future, increased usage of big data across business, social media and e commerce sites will lead to a more user-driven experience as we surf the net. Each website will increasingly seek to present data in a customized way that is designed to appeal to you and anticipate your needs.

Programmatic not problematic

The word has drawn some negative media attention in recent weeks, but programmatic business transactions are clearly the way forward. The problems reported in the newspaper are more down to a lack of understanding in application, an inevitable hurdle with any new and developing technology.

The truth is that ultimately, programmatic transactions will provide a more optimized and cost-efficient decision making process than any manual system can hope to do.

Implications that go beyond the web

Big data might be largely born of the Internet, but its implications and applications will go way beyond it into the physical world. From self-driving cars to automatically adjusted airline bookings on the basis of weather conditions, it will seep into our lives and our consciences whether we like it or not.

The future is already here.


Written By: Jocelyn Brown


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