Unit 13 – Vita Game Review

Gameplay: 8/10 – Unit 13 has very tight and responsive control. This also includes the touch controls. Overall Unit 13 is very easy to pick up and play. But some gamer may find it easier to pick up. If they have played games like Metal Gear Solid, Resistance and or Syphon Filter.

The game mixes it up with 36 mission that vary between Direct Action, Covert, Elite and Deadline missions. There are also 9 HVT missions (AKA. High Value Target missions. That will be unlocked as you gain star ratings on the main 36 missions.)

Learning Curve: Very Easy – Extremely difficulty – Unit 13 is a mis-mash of levels with a wide variety of mission lengths and mission difficulty’s. Some missions you will find way to easy and other you will be swearing out loud at your Vita. Wishing there was an easier mode.

Unit 13 becomes dramatically easier as you get to learn the game over time. You’ll be failing missions with trail and error for the first little while. Then in no time flat you will be replaying the levels and getting 5 star ratings. and completing levels that were nearly impossible for you to beat during your first go at it.

Graphics: 8/10 – I was really impressed with the graphics. Even after I read all the other reviews. That said it was overly dark with the bulk of the game being dedicated to a very limited military colour palate.

Multiplayer: 4.5/10 – Unit 13’s online multiplayer component is very very limited.  Basically it is only there so you can earn some trophies. Yes, it is fun to play with friends or strangers. As the whole team work aspect can be quite fun.  Friends or strangers can also help you learn how to beat a level. But when playing co-op you will not earn any stars, nor will you be able to beat a mission. The only thing you can get in Co-op is XP and if meet certain conditions trophy.

Lasting Appeal: 7/10There is tons to do is this game. At least until you get all your trophies. There are the daily challenges. But even that has a very limited life span.

I found for me. That after beating all 36 missions and completing most of the HVT missions.  And playing about 30 missions via co-op. Not to mention getting most of the trophies. I have almost completely lost interest in the game.  I still do go back, but that is mainly because I only have 3 Vita games.

The Whole Package: 8/10 – I have to say that this is must own game for all PS Vita owners. Unless you have an aversion to 3rd person shooters. But if you are into shooters you’ll want this game for sure. Or at the very least Unit 13 will tide you over till more Vita games come out.

Overall rating for Unit 13 is a 8/10 – Unit 13 has a little bit of everything. With out turning off gamers with use of to many of the Vita features. In Unit 13 you will use the touch screen in a very limited, yet important manner. Such as reloading picking up weapons, using the map, disarming explosives or triggering an action (such as picking up Intel or sabotaging a device).

Unit 13 at launch had all sort of glitches some of them were very sever (such as stalling your Vita, sound dropping out, needing to hard reset your Vita, problems with Co-op. Now, I’m not going to say they are all fixed. But most of them have been fixed with the Vita firmware update (1.66).

I still have issues every once in a while with glitch-y AI behaviour and glitch-y AI models. Nothing that is what I would call “game breaking” or even problematic. Actually they are often funny at least when they are i your favour.

Till The Next Vita Game Review,

Remy “Se7en”

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