Geometry Wars – Nintendo DS Game Review

Gameplay: 8.5/10 – Geometry Wars has 2 main control schemes a touch screen shooting mechanic (Which I personally feel was just added to the DS because they could add it.)

But other then that fact. I think it is probably the worst possible option in the game overall. The other option is using the the face buttons to control in which direction you are firing your weapon (It looks just like a bunch of dots. Being fired off in rapid bursts.)

This game is as basic as you can get a game. Without going in a time machine and picking back up the old Atari.

You control a very basic C or V shaped space craft (Depending how you look at it). Your goal is to kill everything in site and not get killed your self by other space ships and other oddly shaped geometrical shapes. I guess that is why they called it Geometry Wars.

There are upgrades you can level up and buy and there are levels to unlock with your “GEOMS” or currency in the game.

Your weapons and upgrades also work on an XP based system. So while playing a mission you get a certain amount of XP. Based on how well you do. And at the end of the level you will see a screen displaying how well you did XP wise. After receiving  a certain amount of XP . Whatever weapon or advantage you choose at the the start of your mission. Will gain a level. And if you keep on using the same one you can easily max 1 or 2 quite quickly. If you so desire.

Learning Curve: Very Easy – Insanely difficulty – Geometry Wars is not the most balanced game I have played. There are indeed planets that you can unlock quite awhile into the game that are WAY easier then. Some of the first few planets you unlock.

This is both a positive and negative aspect to me. The main reason is I would expect easier level in the first few planets you play. Not the very last few planets. So your gonna run into a mis-mash of easy to insanely difficult missions. Even within the main planet sub-sets. Just because you are  playing say the 3rd planet. Does not mean your gonna get gold on your first goal. Heck you may not ever get that gold.

It will all depend on the number of lives you have and the number of bombs you are giving. There is for sure some need of skill and learning in this game. If you have a level where you need protection you the defend advantage. If you need to be on the offensive or want more points. You may want to use the Attack advantage.

It all comes down to how you want to play it.

Graphics: 5/10 – It is very bland and there are only a few very basic colours. But that is not a knock against Geometry Wars. That is sort of the point of the whole retro feel. So this is by no means the best looking DS game.

Multiplayer: N/A – There is a multiplayer option. But I don’t have anyone to play with nor do I have a Wii.

Lasting Appeal: 8.5/10This game is best played in short bursts. But there will be times were you will want to play a level or complete a planet or score a gold medal. And you will keep on playing till your fingers bleed or your eyes pop out.

The Whole Package: 8.5/10 – I have to say Geometry Wars  surprised the heck out of me. I thought it was just a lame gag. But it really has a lot to it. There are so many layers you can get into. Weather you go for medals or you you want to amass a lot of “GEOMS”  to unlock all the planets and all the upgrades. Or you can always beat your last score or try to get gold on all the levels.

I would say there are limitless possibilities but that woudl be a lie. But what Geometry Wars  has is plenty of gaming hours and plenty of bang for your buck.

Overall rating for Geometry Wars is a 8/10 – If you like your games super simple. But with a lot of layers that you can control yourself. This game will have you hooked quick. Then it is only a few mission till you will decide what direction you want to go and how you will want to play it.

Are you the type of person always after a better score ?

Are you the type of person who wants to unlock everything ?

Do you like simply multiplayer games ?

Are you the type of person who wants to brag about getting all the gold medals ?

Or are you the person who is just happy with playing till you get stuck ? or do you want to buy your way to the next planet or level ?


Well this game has all the above choices and they are indeed yours to make.


Till My Next DS Game Review,

Remy “Se7en”

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