Coded Arms – PSP Game Review

Genra: First Person Shooter (FPS)

About This Game: Coded Arms takes place in an abandoned virtual reality system inside a giant computer network. The VR system was originally created as a combat training simulator in the event of an alien invasion. However, during this program’s development, a major flaw was discovered and the project was scrapped. Though abandoned, the program kept evolving within the computer network and eventually turned into a vast and brutal VR world populated with virtual alien invaders, dangerous computer bugs, the VR system’s own security bots and huge boss enemies. Players take the role of a computer hacker who infiltrates the VR system. Gamers fight through five different game worlds with multiple gameplay levels. More than 30 different weapons are available to battle the horde of virtual creatures, including real world weapons such as sniper rifles, machine guns, grenades, and more fantastic armaments such as pulse rifles.

Gameplay: 7/10 – This game has some minor aiming issues

Learning Curve : Easy – Insane difficulty – There are control issues when looking up some elements take some getting use to like portal colours..and such and upgrade icons

Graphics/Sound: 8/10 – Looks great it pulls of the whole Metal Gear Solid VR sim experience and it is suppose to be a sim that has gotten infected by nasty Viruses so very well done.

Lasting Appeal: 8/10 – There are a lot of items and areas to unlock and there are always things you missed.

The Whole Package: 8.5/10 – Great game very easy to find and very affordable

Overall rating 8.5/10 – This game has really fast load times. Very Cool weapons and a difficulty level that increases after each zone

Till My Next PSP Game review,

Remy “Se7en”


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