EPD 323: Fan Mail Friday’s (10/07/2016)

Dear (CSW) Admin Team,

I was wondering whether you guys thought about doing more theme weeks ? Because, I can’t quite remember but I believe you had a readership content week a year or two ago.

Sent In By “Theme Queen X2


I was wondering whether you guys thought about doing more theme weeks ?


Remy’s Reply: Yes, we have thought about it a lot and it makes a lot of sense. We have done readership driven content weeks before and plan to do them again soon. We have done AVG/SuperAntiSpyware review weeks as well as other themed weeks or dayz.

Matt’s Replay: We actually do some content-focused review weeks, that focus on dedicated programs like AVG & SuperAniSpyware, whereas on other weeks we do platform specific reviews, like a weeks worth of FireFox Add-On Reviews or even a weeks worth of Android App Reviews.

These platform specific reviews usually start on a Tuesday and finish on either a Friday or Saturday, depending on how much cotent there is to review each week. This goes on top of our regular scheduled content of a Survey Site Review every Monday, a new entry in our Terms & Definitions Database every Tuesday and a brand new edition of Fan Mail Friday every Friday.


So if you are keen and want all the latest (CSW) news, reviews and features. You can follow us via our main Twitter Page @ https://twitter.com/#!/Computer_Savvy 



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Till Next Friday,

Remy “Se7en”


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