Scam Watch: Is It A Scam ? Or Is It Just A Really Bad Investment ?

Dear Readers,

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For this week’s “Scam Watch” feature. I thought I would tell you a little about the Internet service called is a Question/Answer site where you can go to ask any kind of question to a so called “Expert” Which is supposed to answer your question.On their homepage they claim their service works this way:

But for most users it is more like this: Ask a question, Make a user account, write a bit more about your problem, contact with the “Expert” then you choose what you want to pay him for his services. Like $10, $20 or $30 dollars USD, and they claim you will get much faster and better help if you pay more. Anyways, the next step, you pay, you wait, you wait more and then you wait a little more. Then you check your bank account and you might see that they have “taken out more money” than you actually agreed to pay for a service you never even received. On their site there is a complaint section, I have copied some of the post from the section (This complaint section has since been removed): “I needed some advice on a wound my cat received by a raccoon. I needed the information immediately and this seemed like a good option. I asked the question and was asked how much I would pay- I chose 13.00. It directed me immediately to Paypal where I paid the amount. in full using my bank acct. Received the receipt and waited. About an hour later I got an email that I had a response. I went to retrieve and it asked me to pay… I contacted customer service and they said I had not paid. Checked Paypal and it was received by them- also deducted from my bank acct. I sent them the receipt and went back and forth with about 20 emails. Got no where but the run around. I asked for a phone number – I called, no one answers… so left a message. 2 days later and have gotten nowhere. I am really ticked off- not even just the money- but the principal and the time I have taken on this! Ridiculous… DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY- YOU WILL BE SORRY!” “I clicked the $10.00 box that I am willing to pay for recommendation of a simple drawing software program. They charged me for $175.00. I sent them an email and claimed a refund. No response yet. I was in touch with their ‘Expert’ waiting for further advice because the first was not fully usable. I am waiting for both responses. 08 / May/ 2009″ “i did not accept any answer’s i received so they told me i would receive all my money back in my account in four days but instead the took twice as much more out and made my account over drawn by $148.00.” “I submitted a question to Justanswer and paid £6.30. I was told the money would only be taken from me if I accepted an answer. I haven’t had any answers at all but the money has been taken.” Also important to note that if you decide you want to exit their site. You end up getting this message:

WAIT! Your question has not been posted yet. This is what you get by placing a fully refundable deposit into your JustAnswer account:

* Experts are reassured that you are serious and are willing to reward them for a helpful answer.

* You will be able to preview and “Accept” your answer before deciding to pay for it.

* Deposits are fully refundable for any reason until you are happy. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Thank you,


JustAnswer also tells you that if you are not satisfied with your experts answer. You do not need to pay, but how can this be when you need to pay to get in contact with the said “expert” ? I would highly recommend you stay away from this site. Now I am not saying that they only scam people. may help around 25% or so of people. But when someone loose $100 USD when they only choose to pay $6 USD something is very wrong ! From the comments I have read throughout the net it seems like around 50% actually get what they are told to they will get. It also seems like they have had some inside scamming themselves, people who claimed to be experts and were noting of the sort. ———————————————————————————————–

Now the link I am about to share with you all is 100% legit and is in fact on the website. Via the link we have provided for you. So you all can see how counter productive and really silly it seems. HELL…..I maybe DEAD wrong but you just need to click on the link and read the proceeding text to DECIDE FOR YOURSELF…… ———————————————————————————————–

One Of Claims: every ninth sec **Image directly taken from website ———————————————————————————————– Wikipedia Page: **Link Provided By (CSW) -Moderator- Erin ———————————————————————————————– Better Business Bureau (BBB) Profile: ———————————————————————————————– Promo Link The Shockingly Simple JustAnswer® Promise” – **Link Discovered By Nico ———————————————————————————————– HELP And REFUND Section “Blackbelt Support” Quality. Access. Compassion – **Link Discovered By Nico ———————————————————————————————– How Can I Request A REFUND ? Link Verification Status: Confirmed as a SAFE LINK. Confirmed via (CSW) readership as useful. But you must be registered to see page. REFUND Link Verification Status: Confirmed as a SAFE LINK. Confirmed via (CSW) readership as useful. But you must be registered to see page. **Both JustAnswer REFUND LINKS Were Provided By Commenter Ethan ———————————————————————————————– Customer Service E-Mail Verification Status: E-mail Address is Confirmed via (CSW) readership. **E-mail Address Provided By Commenter Ethan ———————————————————————————————– Non-Corporate Customer Service Phone Numbers

Toll-Free: 888-587-8220,  888-567-8220, 1-888-862-9212

Canadian Toll-Free Number: 1-888-587-8220

UK Toll-Free Number: 0-800-452-621

Australian Toll-Free Number: 1-800-679-634

New Zealand Toll-Free Number: 0-800-452-621

Intl: 650-385-2899 and 1-650-985-2899

From The Rest Of The World: 1-650-385-2899

Verification Status Of Non-Highlighted Customer Service Numbers: Confirmed by (CSW) readership.

Verification Status Of RED Highlighted Toll Free Customer Service Number: Confirmed via (CSW) readership and Scam Watch Team.

Verification Status Of Orange Highlighted Canadian Toll-Free Service Number: Confirmed via (CSW) readership and Scam Watch Team.

Verification Status Of Brown Highlighted Canadian Toll-Free Service Number: Are not confirmed via (CSW) readership and or Scam Watch Team.

Verification Status Of Blue Highlighted Toll-Free Service Number: Are not confirmed via (CSW) readership and or Scam Watch Team.

*Non-Corporate Customer Service Numbers Provided By Commenter Ethan

**Second Toll Free Number Customer Service Number Provided By Commenter Plain Jane

***Canadian Toll-Free Number Provided By Commenter Daniel

****All Numbers In Brown Were Provided By Commenter Mike H.

*****All Numbers In Blue Were Provided By Commenter Alan

———————————————————————————————– Direct Corporate Phone Numbers: 1-415-929-9923 Verification Status: Confirmed via (CSW) readership and Scam Watch Team. The 1-415-929-9923 corporate phone numbers above have been confirmed by both our “Scam Watch Team” and (CSW’s) readership. On a number of occasions. But please feel free to comment below if you have indeed called one or both of the above numbers and let us know if they are indeed helpful. In solving any issues you came across. *Phone Numbers Provided By Commenter James Fox ———————————————————————————————–

If you guys have any question regarding this or any other similar subject. Please don’t hesitate to comment or e-mail us @


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Post Written By Nico And Scam Watch Feature Was Created By Remy “Se7en”

1,896 Responses to Scam Watch: Is It A Scam ? Or Is It Just A Really Bad Investment ?

  1. JAANON says:

    Here is the truth from someone who has been with justanswer for years.

    Is it a scam? Yes and No. What I mean is people are helped on the site and there are many excellent experts. The scam is that just answer tricks people into becoming subscribers and also has a very misleading funnel that makes the customer think they are paying less or in some cases it appears asking a questions is free. They now even have a “robot” expert called Pearl Wilson who chats with the potential customer and many customers thing that Pearl Wilson is a real person when it is just a scripted bot.

    Customer are asked to pay a $5 deposit, once an expert replies the full amount is taken. Any reply is good enough. They constantly push the experts to reply as fast as possible. The reason is because they want the full deposit and then they hope the customer vanishes or does not rate the expert so they can keep 100% of the money. What happens next is the customer is then overloaded with confusion and up sale pop ups, this causes many customers to just leave, they never reply to the expert. I should also add that just answer does not require customers to create an account or even input their email address. They do this so they have a better chance of keeping the customers money.

    Now if a customer does get helped by the expert they must rate the expert between 1 and 5 stars. If they rate 1 or 2 stars the expert is paid nothing and just answer all the money. If they rate 3-5 stars the expert receives 50% of the money. If the customer leaves the expert a bonus/tip just answer takes 25% of that. If the customer doesn’t rate at all just answer keep 100% of the money. Prior to the rating system they used an accept button which customers used to pay the expert. Experts were making too much money with this system so it was removed. The rating system is horrible and there was huge outrage from the expert community when it came out.

    Yes, there was once an expert community, message boards where the experts could communicate however just answer has now removed these so experts cannot complain/vent or make suggestions.

    Over the years they have changed constantly, every change is made to allow them to keep more money and get people to sign up for recurring subscriptions without their knowledge. They prey on the most desperate and non tech savvy people online. For example a person who is desperate with a medical issue and wants to talk to a doctor at 11pm will come to just answer. They really need help so there is a good chance they will not notice that they are signing up for a monthly plan. Just answer makes placing the question very simple but once they have the credit card customers are directed to a very confusing page. This is not a mistake, it is confusing on purpose again to trick people into signing up for subscriptions or buying an additional service like a phone call from the expert. Keep in mind though even if they buy a phone call there is no guarantee that the expert will call as the expert needs to accept the phone call. Just answer makes it seem to the customer as if an expert has already been appointed to them however this is not the case. When a question is place it goes onto a list that experts have access to and they can choose whether or not they want to take the questions. So it is very misleading that they tell customers that they have an “appointment” which is a complete lie.

    They have zero respect for the experts and take every chance to make it difficult for the experts to be paid. So not only do they steal from the customers but they steal from the experts as well.

    Years back experts were making a lot more money because they had so many more questions coming through, JA was one of googles top advertisers at one point. They then changed completely, they wasted millions trying to re-brand as only to throw out that idea a couple years later. At this point most experts have left.

    Just answer has an incredibly high turn over rate so new there are always new employees coming in and changing things who have no idea how the site really operates.

    It is funny and sad that they still call themselves a start up even though they have existed for over 10 years at this point.

    In short, it is not 100% a scam but just answer has extreme ethics issues and will take every chance to get your money and prevent experts from being paid.

    They run with the mindset of a casino #1 priority is to separate you from your money . After all these years I don’t see that changing. If they ran their business honestly they would likely go out of business.

    The reason they have an A+ rating from the BBB is because they have a staff member whos job is to monitor any BBB complaints and always provide a refund. Most other positive ratings about them are fake as they also have staff go around to different websites writing fake positive reviews.

    So word of warning, if you are going to use this site, take your time, read everything and make sure you know what you are clicking on before you click it.

    • jon says:

      @JAANON. This is a pretty accurate summary of Justanswer history and current status, in my opinion.

      My only comment is that there has always been an extremely low general level of expert competency at Justanswer — at least in the legal categories. However, this is only partially Justanswer’s fault, because the level of attorney competency in the general population is also extremely low. So, the slice of attorneys who answer at the website are really no better nor worse than what you find in the legal community “in toto.”

      As I have previously written, there are maybe a half dozen attorneys at Justanswer who provide competent answers. They are:

      Judith (immigration)
      Guillermo J Senmartin (immigration)
      Gerald, Esq. (general practice)
      Socrateaser (general practice)
      N Cal Attorney (general practice)

      If anyone else answers your legal questions, be careful, because you may be receiving a generalized guess masquerading as legal information.

      One thing is for certain. For the few attorneys who make a good faith attempt to provide valuable legal information, if you skate on them and don’t pay, then you are contributing to the problem. If you are actually interested in forcing Justanswer to improve, then demand competent answers, cited to legal authority, pay for value, and negatively review answers that appear to be nothing more than personal opinion (you can quickly see this, when a lawyer provides no legal authority for their answer — i.e., case law citation, statutory citation to a government website — NOT citation to commercial lawyer websites that only provide personal opinion of their owner).

      Also, DON’T accept the Justanswer phone call option, because the attorneys who take these calls use the system to avoid having to put their answers in writing — thereby eliminating any audit trail. In a private phone call, an attorney can engage in complete invention, and you will never be able to prove otherwise — after you act on the attorney’s advise and it blows up in your face.

  2. Humphrey says:

    Clearly written by a disgruntled expert. Experts get to keep half the revenue if the customer likes the response and they pay none (ZERO, NADA) upfront costs for customer acquisition. JustAnswer supplies all advertising, the web site, customer service, moderators, etc. There is an active expert operations team that listens to even the most minor complaint or suggestion from these Experts. Customers can get refunds no questions asked – they can even self refund on the site without talking to anyone, or refund through the phone system. Consider the source – people that want to make easy money and not share it with anyone else.

    • jon says:

      Maybe the expert has a good reason for being disgruntled. For instance, the average revenue of experts has dropped by about 90% over the past 4 years. So, for all of the claimed improvements to the website, those improvements haven’t actually helped the experts. And, the customers are still paying the same prices. So, that sort of leaves only one interested party getting the 90% increase in revenue: Justanswer…right?

    • Battle-Cruiser says:

      I think it is safe to say that almost all experts are disgruntled, they are treated horribly with zero respect, same as the customers. If they are not disgruntled then I would bet they haven’t been on the site that long and put time into it.

      Just answer views the the business as they have two types of customers, people with questions and experts. They do not view experts as employees, contractors, members of the team, but as customers. The difference is the experts pay JA with time and can sometimes be reimbursed for that time.

      As far as JA putting up the costs for the site and ads this is true.

      Ebay does the same thing but you don’t see them taking 50% of the sale do you, even when they first started they never took a percentage even close to 50% If Ebay ran like just answer they would take the money from your bid on an item before the auction was over. They also would not give it back unless you specifically asked for it back.

      JA advertising is set up to collect deposits and accidental subscriptions. The amount of misleading ads they run is amazing. The ads promise things no expert can deliver and they also mislead customers into thinking they are speaking with a specific company. Just goes to show you that the people who create ads either have no idea what type of customers can actually be helped on the site or they are just trying to get that deposit.

      They even have now added a robot expert called pearl that talks to the customer to help build confidence and get that credit card. People actually think the robot pearl is a real human when it is all just scripted.

      If just answer had any interest in being ethical they would stop running misleading ads, they would require account creation from the customer (yes, they allow people enter their credit card details without even providing an email address essentially separating the person from their money) They would not take deposits from the credit card when the question is replied to, they would have a misleading design which makes most customers think questions cost $5 or that it is free, etc…This list could go on for days.

      Ok here is the truth, I think you all can handle it. Andy (CEO) is a rich kid with a very successful mother. Of course Andy wants to be a silicon valley success as well. He creates a number of failed websites and then comes up with the idea for just answer, not a bad idea actually.

      The site is poorly designed from the start and is not a success right away. Then they realize something, people are coming to the site and leaving their money behind, they are not accepting answers or asking for refunds so what does JA do? They keep the money.

      At some point they design using dark patterns (for anyone who doesn’t know a A Dark Pattern is a user interface that has been carefully crafted to trick users into doing things, such as signing up for recurring bills. They are not mistakes, they are carefully crafted with a solid understanding of human psychology, and they do not have the user’s interests in mind.)

      The dark patterns start bringing in tons of money, JA now starts throwing millions of dollars at google in ads and now they are bringing millions however no one is keeping track of refunds and by 2012 or so they were on the verge of bankruptcy.

      They make major changes such as cutting back ads drastically, removing experts, laying off a whole lot of staff, implementing the rating system, and more. What they don’t do though is stop with the dark patterns. If anything they have increased the dark patterns.

      This allows Andy to continue to pretend to have a successful business.

      In short JA is a vanity project for Andy. If JA was a successful business I am sure it would have been sold off to a larger company like google or something a long time ago.

      All of the above said it comes down to this. If JA decided to run an honest business they would have no business, they would be finished. They painted themselves into a corner by keeping deposits and made that their primary goal. If they stopped doing that they would go under.

  3. MadMaxx63 says:

    I agree with the synopsis by Jaanon. I asked a question, WA automatically signed up for their membership just by opening an account which is required. Their system failed during my question period so I had to reason my question. I asked the electrician to talk via phone as I knew there was no way this was going to get solved through a chat. At NO TIME did the site tell me I was going to be charged extra ofr the phone call… So here are my charges for one electrical problem… $5, $5, $19, and $24. The $5 charges were suppose to be a one time deposit of $5 and the remaining $19 charge was to be for the answer. They refused to recognize the second $5 charge and the $24 apparently is for the phone call…again, not stated there would be an extra charge.

    I am in a current battle via their customer “disservice” about these charges and it turns out it would have been cheaper to have an electrician come to my home to fix the problem rather than have someone talk me through it via the phone.

    • JA Reply says:

      Hello Mr. McDevitt,

      Once again we apologize for any confusion about the billing. We have responded to you notifying you of the refunds in process.

      If you require any further assistance with your account, please feel free to reach back out to us or reply to the most recent emails that have been sent and we are happy to help.


  4. Attila says:

    What seems to be missing here is that people get to talk to experts that would normally charge hundreds of dollars per hour for a few bucks.

    I agree that they don’t take great care of the experts BUT they bring a steady stream of people who have legitimate needs that can be handled (at least get the customer pointed in the right direction) fairly quickly, so it’s a win/win.

    The phone service is excellent. Got my tax law question answered, and won my case. I just needed some confirmation … and it worked.

    AND it seems that they will refund at the drop of a hat. Who DOES that?

    But again, the bottom line here is access to experts that have been vetted, credentials verified, and tested in their subject area at a VERY low cost.

    They are both Aggressive in getting customers but just as aggressive in refunding for ANY reason. It works.

    • jon says:

      @Attila Your comments contain some pretty outlandish representations. It reminds of the sort of thing I would expect from one of the current candidates for President (i.e., “truthful hyperbole” — ergo: BS).

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