EPD 294: Fan Mail Friday’s (03/18/2016)

Dear Remy and Matt

I’ve been wondering about starting my blog. So, anyways I was wondering about how long on a daily basis does it take you to do (CSW) ?

Sent In By “Blog Impaired Redux


So, anyways I was wondering about how long on a daily basis does it take you to do (CSW) ?


Remy’s Reply: Very interesting question “Blog Impaired”. First off the blog work is shared pretty evenly with each of my team. So that will bring down the the time factor. But to answer your question about 5 to 8 hours a day. While other days can take almost the whole day. It depends on a lot of factors.

That’s with working on daily stuff along with future content. That will go up at a later day also known as pre-posting.

Matt’s Reply: In total, across all of us, it comes to about 5-8 hours a day when we work together a team, but when each of us takes our share of those 5-8 hours, it can come down to no more than 1 hour each per day. Of course, when there are bigger posts like full fledged reviews, then that 5-8 hour schedule can become extended from around 12-15 hours a day to several days, because of the extra work required for those reviews.

There is also conent that we prepare in advice, which we call Pre-Posting. For instance, I have become personally responsible for the Terms & Definitions feature, which goes live on Tuesdays. When we take each Terms & Definitions post on their own, it can take me between 15 minutes to 1 hour a week to get them all ready, formatted and scheduled for release. But when I did them, I have done a collection of mass Pre-Postings on the Terms & Definitions, which saw me give up one of my free Sundays and spend the entire day doing the Terms & Definitions feature for the whole of 2016. This was 52 separate posts that ended up taking me around 17-18 hours to get it all done in one day, instead of spreading it out as 15 minutes to 1 hour a week. It saves me a lot of extra time in the long run.


So if you are keen and want all the latest (CSW) news, reviews and features. You can follow us via our main Twitter Page @ https://twitter.com/#!/Computer_Savvy or via his own personal Twitter Page https://twitter.com/#!/RemySe7en .

PS: Just a heads up to all our readership. He does indeed follow everyone back. If you follow him on his own personal Remy “Se7en” Twitter account.


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Till Next Friday,

Remy “Se7en” + Matt


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