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Operating Hours For The Computer Savvy Weblog

  • Monday – Thursday : We are open from *5:00 pm EST 8:00 pm EST*
    • UNLESS otherwise noted by the admin team.
  • Friday – Sunday :  Our working hours on these three days are *Very Limited*. Just because we are off the clock does not mean (CSW) will not still be updated and we will still be reading your e-mails. **(It will just be up to the writer or the admin to decide. Whether they will respond to said e-mail or wait till later that week to respond.)**
  • Holidays : During the holidays throughout the year (CSW) will be here and posting content as per the norm. 
    • UNLESS otherwise noted by the admin team.
  • (CSW) Team Member Birthdays : (CSW) respects each team member and their contribution to the site, so during the week of their birthday, each team member will be granted that entire week off.
    • UNLESS they are working under a special contract set for that date, week and or month.


E-Mail Contact Information For The Computer Savvy Weblog

Main (CSW) E-Mail : computer.savvy@hotmail.com

Video Game Review Codes Manager: remy.se7en@gmail.com

(CSW) Community Manager : csw.modeartor@hotmail.com

(CSW) Fan Mail Friday *Feature* Question Request E-Mail Address: csw.fmf@hotmail.com

Apply For A Job With (CSW) : csw.jobs@hotmail.com


Twitter Contact Information For The Computer Savvy Weblog

(CSW) On Twitter: http://twitter.com/Computer_Savvy

(CSW‘s) Editor-In-Chief And Video Game Editor-in-Chief *Remy “Se7en”* On Twitter: http://twitter.com/RemySe7en

(CSW‘s) Manging Editor / Graphic Designer / Website Developer “Matt Stanyon” On Twitter: http://twitter.com/MattStanyon

6 Responses to CSW Contact Info

  1. António says:

    Tenho o IOBIT, há 3 anos e sempre funcionou bem e fazia o scan
    em 5 minutos. Agora que comprei, nunca mais trabalhou bem e em 6 horas de scan, faz 30% da pesquisa. Que se passa com produto?
    Está a deixar entrar virus, trojans e spyers e já paguei uma limpesa.

    English Translation:

    I have the IOBIT, there are 3 years and it always worked well and it was doing the scan
    in 5 minutes. Now that I bought, never again it worked well and in 6 hours of scan, it does 30 % of the inquiry. What goes on with product?

    It is letting in virus, trojans and spyers and I already paid a limpesa.

  2. António says:

    I replay the programs info : – 01MAR2013
    – IObit Advanced System Care Ultimate – 09JAN2013
    – IObit Malware Fighter – 22AGO2012

    • Remy "Se7en" says:

      Dear António,

      Have you contacted customer support ? or asked for a refund ? They will refund your money or help you out if you are having issues. I myself have IObit Malware Fighter Pro. I have had no issues. And have recently renewed my copy for another year.

      I’m not really sure what you are asking of me ? and what kind of help you would like from me ? I don’t work for them I review some of their software. Are you claiming they scammed you to some degree ?

      Later Dayz,

      Remy “Se7en”

  3. António says:

    Você foi informado do mau funcionamento do IObit System Care
    Ultimate 6 — que foi activado a 06JAN2013. Não espero solução porque o produto não presta.
    Quero a devolução do meu dinheiro.

    • Remy "Se7en" says:

      English Translation:

      You were informed of the bad functioning of the IObit System Care Ultimate 6 – that was activated to 06JAN2013. I do not wait for solution because the product is not of use. I want the devolution of my money.


      Dear António,

      Have you tried calling their customer support line ? Because other then that. I am not sure what you would like my help with.

      Later Dayz,

      Remy “Se7en”

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