Scam Watch: Is Hotmail / MSN Really Going To Delete My Account. If I Don’t Reply To This E-mail ?

November 12, 2011

Dear Readers,

I just received a bunch of people asking me this question about the Hotmail scam/hijacking attempt (That is going around) So here is yet another Scam Watch.

Q: Is Hotmail/MSN Really Going To Delete My Account. If I Don’t Reply To This E-mail ?

A: No, Hotmail/MSN will not delete your account. Unless you are found to be doing something that are illegal. But even that is a very slim chance, because a lot of scams are being done in some part threw Hotmail. Then again Hotmail/MSN would probably just suspend your account. Which I have seen plenty of times and they say that. When you try to log-in there will be ether a certain number of days says “30 day suspension” or a harsh “Life Ban”. (ie. Your account has been deleted)


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Till The Next Scam Watch Feature,

Remy “Se7en”

How To: Keep Your Windows Live Messenger Free From Hacker And Bots

October 18, 2011

RR 4.0

Hello everyone and welcome to my new first “How To”. So anyways I have plenty to talk about. So lets get started, in this feature we are gonna talk about an issue that has been plaguing me over the last few weeks. I have been getting a ton of Hotmail friend invitations to join my friends list. All of which share a very common trademark of hackers and or bots.

Well what are thous trademarks I speak of. Well there are a few that are almost always associated with hackers and or bots trying to get at you through your MSN/Windows Live Messenger account.

Here is a list of the most common ways that MSN / Windows Live Messenger can be attacked:

1. You get an invite with a name with more then 4 like Adam2234565 wants to be your friends please accept or deny

2. There are several different versions of the same name one after the other like this Adam2325353. Then you deny the invite, Then another dradam24243 asks for permission to join you again.

3. Or a just plain non-sense name like sueitdown123 or abcdegfrg123….

Why dose “MNS/Windows Live Messenger” pose such an attractive target. Well first off the hacker or hackers can use bots. Who will use a ton of different combinations to try and get your trust and allowance into your friends list. Then from there they can install Trojans or Keyloggers.

If you are persuaded to accept a files or press on a link. Then you are asking for a virus. I personally recommend disabling all active links with in your MSN/Windows Live Massager…

Here is a simple how to guide for disabling links via MSN or Windows Live Messenger

1. Click on MSN/Windows Live Messenger Icon

2. Then Click On Options

3. Then Go down to second last option called “Security

4. Click you should see a bunch of check boxes and un-checked off boxes.

5. Now un-check off the box with “Allow Links In My Conversation Window And Contact List

6. Click Apply

7. Click Done

8. Now your are good and all of your links. Will now have to be copy and pasted in your web address bar to work.

So that brings me to what should you do to prevent bots or hackers in your friends list ?

1. Check your Privacy Settings

2. Don’t give out your username or e-mail address to just anybody

3. Never post your username on a public forum or in a comment section

4. Don’t stay logged on for long periods of time

5. Don’t use your full name as your e-mail address

6. Keep a log of all your conversations (It can be very useful in court or as proof of criminal intent)


If you guys have any question regarding this or any similar scam. Please don’t hesitate to comment or e-mail us @


DISCLAIMER: The Computer Savvy Weblog has no control over the ads Google decides to display on our blog/site. Due  to the fact The Computer Savvy Weblog is using the free version of WordPress. Sorry for any inconvenience or possible mis-understandings this may of caused.


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Internet Scam Victims – Real Stories

August 4, 2011

Source: Scam Victims United

When I (Being the writer of this post Shawn) first became a scam victim I was embarrassed and did not want anyone to know . . . that lasted all of 5 minutes and then I was angry at so many things . . . the scammers for their greed, the banking system for not giving me accurate information about how long it takes for a cashier’s check to clear, the wire transfer company for not having more warnings about these scams in their businesses and for turning a blind eye to the problem.

That is when I KNEW I had to do something.  I started to contact the media in order to get our story out there, and you know what . . . it HELPED!  It helped me to talk about it and get it out there, but it also helped so many other people.  My phone was ringing off the hook from people saying “The same thing happened to me” or from people who heard our story in the media in time for them to know the situation they were about to enter into was a scam and it saved them thousands of dollars.

If you are a scam victim, you could do the same thing for someone else.  I am contacted by the media in a regular basis asking for help in locating recent scam victims who would be willing to share their story.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to know that you saved someone else from going through the living hell that becomes your life when you discover you are a victim of a scam.


Disclaimer: (CSW) has nothing to do with this project. But saying that we strongly support the idea of it. So please free free to contact our friend  Shawn if you wish to participate in this project


If you would like to be able to help to educate people about scams and fraud, and possibly save someone from becoming a victim, please email me and I will work to connect you with a media person that will do your story justice and help us to take a step forward in educating people about these scams.

Also, you can connect with me and follow our updates from


Post Written By Shawn Mosch of Scam Victims United


**Approved to be posted on (CSW) by Remy “Se7en” And Spyder

EPD 8: Fan Mail Friday’s (09/24/2010)

September 24, 2010

(Last Updated Jan 8th, 2011 @ 9:25 pm EST) RC 3.5

Dear Computer Savvy,

How did you guys come up with the idea to post all thous scam mail address ?

Dana .R


Reply:  Well Dana…. We just figured it would be very useful. If someone who got an e-mail from Hotmail or Paypal and such that looks off (Fake or a phising attack). That they then could look it up easily using Google or another search engine  ether using the just the e-mail address or with the subject line they used (Such as Verify Your Account now To Avoid It Closed‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏)So far it seems to have worked and we are doing our best to make it as user friendly as possible.

Right now we are spending most of our time and effort with improving. Just the Hotmail and Foreign Lottery Scam Mail List/Databases. But Dana we have had some major interest in us upgrading all of our Scam Mail Lists/Databases such as our Paypal or Bank or America lists. But that will honestly take a lot of time and effort to achieve on our part. But we do plan to keep on introducing every few months a whole new and upgraded scam mail lists.

So keep your eyes peeled on both the Features Page and our weekly Blog Updates for clues on when that will happen.

PS: That or you could follow us on Twitter


If you are interested in looking at said upgraded Scam Mail Lists /Databases here are the link to the 2:

**Scam Watch: Hotmail E-mail Account Scam Explained + Example

**Scam Watch: Foreign Lottery Scam Explained + Example



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Blog Update #96.5 – (CSW) Reaches Over 300 Different Types Of Hotmail Scam Mail Variations & Over 295 Recorded Hotmail Scam Mail Address

January 14, 2010

Dear Readers,

Now You Can Follow The Computer Savvy Weblog Via Twitter:

All right people today The Computer Savvy Weblog -(CSW)- has reached a major milestone. We here @ the (CSW) have reached way over 300 different types of Hotmail scam mail variations and over 295 recorded Hotmail Scam Mail Addresses so far. Well if you want to take a look @ the post that broke the record….by all means take a look.

You to can add to this ever increasing number. By sending us your Hotmail and other scam or junk mail you get to us @

>>We still have several hundred more scam mail address to add to our public database. So if you don’t see your entry there yet. Keep your eyes peeled it will be there soon…..<<


**Remember everyone we have a new and 100% Free  E-mail Scam Services. Take a look at this brand new service @


Till My Next Update,

Remy “Se7en”

3 New Scam Mail Attachment Virus Attacks Recorded With in The Last 3 Weeks

November 17, 2009

Dear Readers,

Now You Can Follow The Computer Savvy Weblog Via Twitter:

Ok, now I have had all sort of reports of at least 3 new scam mail attachment virus attacks….

**There are 2 major Hotmail scam mail attachments virus attacks and one generic please open this. All they have is “PLEASE OPEN THE ATTACHMENT FOR MORE INFO“. Then they a small attachment to open…Please what ever you DO NOT OPEN IT….It contains a Trojan Virus that will put a back door on your computer and in only 24-48 hours you may start to notice if you are connected to the Internet. That you no longer can control your computer…IE mouse cursor moving by it self..

Q: What should I do if I get infected by this virus….?

A: If you have opened this attachment…Dis-connect your computer from the Internet and run a virus scan ASAP. So far AVIRA and AVAST have picked it up but not AVG Free (9.0.707).

If you guys need more help regarding this virus attack. Please leave a comment or e-mail me @….

But I would advise you to dis-connect from the Internet As Soon As Possible…

Till My Next Post,

Remy “Se7en”

Scam Watch: Identity Theft Explained (Part 1)

May 11, 2009

Dear Readers,

Hello Again….Today I’m going to talk about Identity theft……….

Ok, then “Child Identity Theft” is on the rise…What do you think happens when kids are allowed to setup FaceBook Accounts, MySpace pages ? and or any other type of place…where your kids are allowed to put in lots of information on themselves or the rest of their friends or family. Even Hotmail has a large amount of information, you personally have to put in. That if the wrong person gets a hold of. Said person can potentially steal your child’s identity. Because the fact is more then likely, your child does not have a criminal past and can easily be blackmailed. They do not have debt like a credit cards, so it is a clean identity with no bags attached. Criminals tend to prefer this and it seem to be easier, almost like a gift because the lack of good passwords or hard to guess secret questions.


After you or your child signs-up for any type of accounts like FaceBook, MySpace or Hotmail It is highly recommended you strip your accounts. By taking out all the information other then you first name, you may in some cases have to keep your last name visible. But the reason for the account information stripping will come apparent. As I explain what can be done with each part of your information in easy to read steps…so here it go-

1. First and Last Name – Can be used in a Google search to find out your background information. Such as when you graduated from High School and the years you attended any type of schooling by just using sites such as and there is no way to block this I’ve tried. ( is a huge spamming site, meaning it has a lot of junk information some of which are not even accurate and people don’t need to ask for your permission to add you to the database or you can accept with just one click of an active link in an e-mail)

2. Land Line Phone Number – Backward address look up can be done on any Internet based Phone Book. Anybody will be able to find exactly where you live..truly a scary thought done with a few clicks of the mouse. If you need to put a phone number. You should use a non-landline phone number, such as a cellphone number..this method works pretty well and most of the time the baddies can’t attach an address or even a name with said number.

3. Postal Code – Same but not as accurate. (Can be narrowed down to several block area)

4. Address – This is so easy, Same method used backwards look up to find phone number.

5. Bad Password/Or sensitive password that is similar to social insurance number or bank code – Now people don’t laugh at this, I in my 7 years or so of doing computer related security and helping family’s protect themselves and their children from this and many other types of threats. I’ve seen and dealt with hundreds of so called “Self inflicted Identity Theft” the way this happens is fairly common unfortunately…lets just say BILLY chooses their Hotmail password to be 01-12-00. Which just so happens to be their birthday…. Oh and  their online bank account password as well…In some cases even their own debit card password (People don’t grin I’ve seen this and in fact just a few days ago) and I’m sad to say that. But on the Internet there is a program called a “BRUTE FORCER” What does a BRUTE FORCER do ? Well basically it tries every possible password letter, number, symbol combo. Till it finds the right one to cracks the password (For what ever account it has decided to target) . This process could take minutes, hours, days and even years to crack said password. It depends on the strength of said password) The good news it is really hard to use in most cases and after the baddies have gotten in and got all that information on you from your hotmail account main profile. He/She may also find a Bank  account Statement you decided not to delete left in your inbox. And now knowing you have an online bank account or even a Paypal account. He/She will try your birthday as your password then as the old stand by as your Secret Password Answer to get into your bank account. Then again for the baddies this would be like winning the Lottery. He/She drains your bank account or accounts and is gone and off to the next mark/victim.


1. No NAMES (Family name, Pet names, Friends names)

2. Don’t use the same password for more then 2 accounts you have on-line

3. Use upper case, lower case, and number symbol combination

4. Make sure there is at least one number somewhere in your password (Most sites will make you do this..regardless)

5. Make the password as long as possible, more then 7 letters, numbers or symbols long is highly recommended

6. Try not to use auto-complete provided by Firefox or Internet Explorer. Unless you put a really hard MASTER password to get at your other passwords in the case of MOZILLA FIREFOX 3

7. Never post your password or passwords next to your computer. Or in a place that would be really obvious that it is a computer related password for instance where you store your PC GAMES or so on.

– Just because it is the easiest thing to do, Like auto-save your credit card information or online passwords. Think what if my computer got stolen or my child got my password. What could said person get into and what kind of “DAMAGE” can this case in my life, money or relationship wise. Then after doing all the above steps. It may take longer, but trust me you’ll be a lot safer and your gonna be less likely to get caught with your pants down.

**Stay tuned for tomorrow, when I post part 2 of  “Identity Theft Explained

Hope this helps and please be safe and know that a little bit of protection goes a long way. When it comes to any type of technology….



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Till My Next Post,

Remy “Se7en”

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