Why Popularity Contests and CMS Systems Don’t Go Together

Why Popularity Contests and CMS Systems Don’t Go Together

Users who are ready to launch their very first website tend to be attracted to the most popular choices of content management systems. Right at the top of the list is WordPress, closely followed by the likes of Joomla!, Drupal, Magento, ModX, and vBulletin. Thanks to algorithms and paid advertising, the rankings are often a bit misleading. When it comes to choosing the right CMS, the process deserves a little more than a simple Google search, as technical abilities and other important factors should also be considered.

The Hack Tracker

When a website owner wishes to monetize their site and perhaps add an e-commerce aspect as well, it’s imperative that they choose a secure CMS. Recent reports rate WordPress as one of the most dangerous CMSs for those who have an e-commerce site. WordPress is followed by Joomla! And Magento. A small percentage also goes to Drupal. This information is both informative and a little disappointing, considering the high number of recommendations for their platforms.

User Experience and Technical Know-How

It’s important to know and understand more than just an overview of different CMS’s and what they can offer. For instance, some of the platforms require users to have a basic to intermediate understanding of coding before attempting the big stuff. If this isn’t the case, that website could sit on the shelf for a very long time or could result in a high price tag as website owners harness the skills of developers to get the job done. Ongoing maintenance could also be an issue as many of these platforms have limitations as to what can be done on the backend.

More than Just a Blog

Website owners who require their sites to be a bit more dynamic and responsive will want to use a CMS platform that responds better to coding. This is for those who wish to have business or enterprise websites, not just merely a blog. For these, users recommend looking into CMS platforms such as Liferay, Typo 3, CMS Made Simple, and Alfresco. These platforms provide far more sophisticated access, however, they do require the user to have more superior skills. Another CMS platform to consider is Movable Type, which is regarded as an advanced version of WordPress. This is the ideal platform for those who wish to create news site content, online publications, and sophisticated blogs.


Written By: Jocelyn Brown


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