Treasures of Montezuma Blitz – Vita Game Review

Gameplay: 5.5/10 -The gameplay is as basic as a match 3 puzzle-ler can get.You get 5 lives each life will net you about 1min of time. (So 5min in total) Unless you are using one of your Totems and or bonuses.

Just switch gems around to match at least 3 gems in a row. To clear them and then repeat. The more gems you can match the better score you’ll get. You are also trying to keep your eye out for special bonus crystals. You can use to upgrade your special powers or get extra game bonuses.

Learning Curve: Very Easy – Moderately difficulty – Blitz is dirt easy. But stringing long bonuses can be really hard. Also knowing when to use your Totems and bonuses can be hard in itself. As each bonuses will drain your crystals every time you use them.

Graphics: 5/10 – Very bright and colourful. Nothing special here. If you have seen any of the million match 3 games you will not notice anything different here.

Multiplayer: 1/10 – Blitz does have a invite your friend mode. But it is very limited. I have yet to talk anyone into downloading the game.  And as only one of my friends have a Vita it is even more limited. It also appears that only North America seems to have this free to play game available to download and play.

Leaderboards: 1/10 – There seems to be extensive leader boards. But good luck getting in the top three. So you can earn yourself a Bronze , Sliver or gold medals. As the people in the top 100 will kick your ass every time.

I’m not even sure how they achieve the insane scores that they do. But I imagine it has to do with a mix of spending money on crystals and upgrading their power-ups.

Lasting Appeal: 6/10This game is so very limited unless you want to spend real money. As it has in game purchase. I Have not partaken in this option as your full 5 hearts (Life’s will regenerate by them selves in less then 45 mins). So why spend money ? Good question. Well there is no reason. Unless you are an unskilled player with no sense of level grinding or wish to beat their friends unfairly.

I still find myself addicted to this game. As I am writing this review I am nearly at level 7 and that is no easy task it took me many hours to achieve such a level with out spending one cent of real money.

The Whole Package: 5/10 – I have to say that there is no risk in downloading the game (It is free). Once you know that your life’s will regenerate in a rather short period of time. And that you don’t need to buy anything. Whether it be buying crystals to upgrade your powers or to buy a refill of your hearts (Life’s). When you run out. It is great fun level grinding and trying to beat your own score. And trying to break into the top 100 or so. But just don’t hold your breath as it is very unlikely you will.

My overall score for Treasures of Montezuma Blitz is a 5/10 – Blitz is a fun game in short burst. In saying that you don’t have much of a choice as you only have 5 life’s and thous life’s last 5min (Maybe a little longer if you have a time related power up.)

But I can’t stress the fact that this game. DOES NOT REQUIRE YOU TO USE REAL MONEY. To have fun with this game. This game was unfairly advertised on both the US Playstation blog and Treasures of Montezuma Blitz website.

The game digital manual is useless and you will have to learn. How to use each of your power ups on your own. As well as how best to achieve a higher score. As none of this is explained in anyway. That I could see with in the game or any official game related videos.

Till The Next Vita Game Review,

Remy “Se7en”


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