BomberMan Classic – Gameboy Advanced Game Review –

Gameplay: 2/10 – You move Bomberman and it takes a few seconds to react compared to the original NES version and you feel you are moving in a black hole. You move so slow you can’t catch up to any bad guy making it really hard to beat a level. Very different compared to the original

Learning Curve : Easy difficulty – this a cake walk once you figure out how it works….

Graphics: 1/10 – terrible it looks washed out and it hurts your eye to focus

Lasting Appeal: 2.5/10 It has the kewl save option..that helps it a bit..I always hated to have to complete the game in one sitting..or remember the stupid pass code

The Whole Package: 2/10 – save is kewl..other then that..even me..that has all Bomberman games…I fealt like…I just burned my money…..when I bough this game for $3  + shipping on e-Bay

Overall rating 2/10 – please guys…you may like the game..for like 30min..then your going to want to put it away..and never play it again..because how embarrassed you got stuck..with such a sub-par game..

Extra Info: from the box’d think you just bought a copy of a long lost Metroid game..I think that is really..funny how similar they look…

I hope you enjoyed yet another Gameboy SP Game review….

Remy “Se7en”


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