EPD 331: Fan Mail Friday’s (12/02/2016)

Dear Remy And Nico,

I just wanted to say I love your Scam Watch feature on JustAnswer.com –Scam Watch: JustAnswer.com Is It A Scam ? Or Is It Just A Really Bad Investment ?-. I’ve read it a number of times and I am both impressed with the feature it self. As well as the very close follow up with all the people who comment on your post.

I just thank God I Google searched Just Answer before I spent my money.

Anyways I just had one question…..

I remember seeing somewhere in that JA.com comment section. I think it was about how you guys go about researching and posting new Scam Watch features. Could you please re-post it ? as I want to use a similar template and or process.

**Keep up the great work :)

Toby C.


Reply:  Well Toby, we our always very flattered when we get comments or mail from our core readership. About any post or feature we have written.

I am very happy to hear you enjoyed the feature and it informed you about a possible usage of the JustAnswer.com  Q+A online service.

Now about our very close follow-up with all the people who comment on the JA.com post. Well we the post and comments very seriously so we answer all comments regardless of what they say. We here at the Computer Savvy Weblog (CSW) have always held replying to all our readers comments as very important across all our posts and features. Mainly because we appreciate having readers and hearing what they have to say.

And here is the comment / template you requested…..


**Pulled from –Scam Watch: JustAnswer.com Is It A Scam ? Or Is It Just A Really Bad Investment ?– Comment section**

2010/04/04 at 8:23 PM | In reply to Ulysses.

Well I want to let everyone in on how The Computer Savvy Weblog (CSW) works in the bulk of cases.

Stage 1: We here @ (CSW) get a report of a possible scam. That is key possible we are not calling it confirmed till much later if at all.

Stage 2: Then depending on the report it can start to go into a further 4 stages. I’ll call them Stages 3, 4, 5 and 6 for sake of keeping it as simple as possible.

Stage 3: -SORTING-

– Scams we are aware of already

– Scams we are not aware of

– Pending more evidence (Example: Not enough e-mail reports or un-verified reports of hear say or just plan angry people)

– Pending more research

** Further sorting as we receive a couple hundred a day by both e-mail, Twiiter PM’s and Comments as you can see by this post…


– Who would best fit to cover this (Which of my current membership is best suited to cover this)


– Self Explanatory


– If the report even gets this far a post/article is written and presented to receive feedback

– Still even at this late stage we are still watching all the comments and e-mails. Which as you very well know I personally e-mail said person back with my response to the comment. At which time anyone is free to e-mail me back or PM me. About my comment or a fellow blog member’s post or comment.

So in conclusion even thou I personally would love to go after all the reports we get, I can’t. But I have a very dedicated research staff and blog crew. Who without none of this blog would even be possible.

But in this case even thou I did not open my own JustAswser.com account. As sure as I am talking to you now, I have plenty of members who did.

Thanks as always for the quick and detailed answer Ulysses,

Remy “Se7en”



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Till Next Friday,

Remy “Se7en”


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