Toluna Survey Panel – Survey Site Review (November 2016)

Name: Toluna Survey Panel

Link: Site Link

Link: Site Link

Who Is Eligible To Participate: US or Canadian Residence Only

Type of Award Or Payment: Credits / Paypal Money / Facebook Credits / or .ca e-gift cards / Sweepstakes / Product Samples

Points Or Cash Normally Earned Per Survey:  0 – 1,000 credits

Sign-Up Time: Fairly Short

How Many Survey Invitations Should You Expect Per Week: 0 – 10

How Long Does It Take To Collect A Reward Or Cash Out: Between 5 to 12 months on average.

Do They Spam You: No

Overall Rating: 2 out of 5 – I still feel the amount of credits required to cash out could be a lot less. Imagine needing over 20,000 credits just for the $20 USD/CAD Paypal payout. That is a pretty insane notion to me as a participant in this survey site company. Well you could always gamble and trade in 1,000 points to enter one of their random sweepstakes contests. Some of which have rather good prizes.


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