EPD 329: Fan Mail Friday’s (11/18/2016)

Hi Remy,

I just have 2 questions for you….

1. How did you start blogging ?


2. Is blogging hard and or time consuming ?

Keep up the great work,

Ashely C.


Reply:  First off Ashely that is actually 3 questions. But no worries :)

Now about your questions……….

Well Alice. I started blogging in April 2008 and before that time I worked with a few companies as a Forum Moderator. But I had never really blogged as such. It was all sort of by accident.

Now onto your question…….

Q:  Is blogging hard ?

A: Well blogging can be very hard by virtue of keeping motivated to write everyday. The other thing that can be hard is coming up with new and unique content each day.


Q:  Is blogging time consuming ?

A: Well that depends on how often you post. Personally I write a few posts a day, of  course not all posts will be published the same day I write them. But I do try to post one new article/post a day. So yes it does get time consuming.

Now if you are as active as Computer Savvy Weblog (CSW) can get. I can spend anywhere from just 30 mins to over 10 hours in one day. You also have to keep in mind answering peoples e-mails, comments and editing post as well as planning out the weeks features and news posts. Some days there is no new on the software I cover other days there can be 5 to 10 posts.

Well Ashely hope that answers all your questions…..


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Till Next Friday,

Remy “Se7en”


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