EPD 328: Fan Mail Friday’s (11/11/2016)

Dear Remy,

I have been following Computer Savvy for quite sometime now and I am a fan for sure. But anyways Remy I have been wondering why most of the posts on the site are listed under your name Remy “Se7en”. Even when they are not written by you.

Thanks for all the hard work :). And Remy can I ask you but one more favour ?

Can this be posted as your next Fan Mail Friday’s Feature ?

Mark W. Redux


Reply:  First off Mark since you asked so nicely. It would be my pleasure to post your e-mail as this weeks Fan Mail Friday’s Feature.

Now about your comment……….

Well Mark I am actually happy you asked that question. The main reason for my name to appear on most of the posts is becuase there are only 4 high level admins. Which would be Ding Dong Danny, Mattyblog, Raven and Myself  (Remy “Se7en”). But saying that there are more then 20 members of  The Computer Savvy Weblog (CSW). Some of which are not listed for varies reasons.

But when there is a post written by someone other then myself. You should notice I will always credit that person in the post (Even if my name appears as posted by). That being said that does not make that author any less important then myself.

1 good example of that would be Nico’s very popular Just Answer Scam Watch Feature.


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Till Next Friday,


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