EPD 327: Fan Mail Friday’s (11/04/2016)

Dear Remy or Danny

My question is pretty simple. I would love to guest blog/write for you guys {Computer Savvy/CSW}. By the way I am a huge fan.

I look forward to your humble reply,

Keep_It_Free_And _Real


Reply:  Well “Keep_It_Free_And _Real” we are always looking for new members and that goes double for “guest bloggers”. As you may not be aware of we have had a number of very well received guest bloggers (such as NICO, Pochp and even Danny started as a guest blogger.

So all you need to do is just e-mail us @ computer.savvy@hotmail.com with a post or even an idea and we will get back to you. As soon as we can normally it will be less then 24 hours. But in some rare cases it may take a bit longer.

Hope that answers your question Keep_It_Free_And _Real…………


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Till Next Friday,

Remy “Se7en”

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