AVG AntiVirus PRO for Tablets for Android ( – Paid Android App Review

The Rating Scale Breakdown:

  • 0  – 0.5 – Abysmal
  • 1.0 – 1.5 – Terrible
  • 2.0 – 2.5 – Poor
  • 3.0 – 3.5 – Average
  • 4.0 – 4.5 – Great
  • 5.0 – Excellent
  • Undetermined – Too soon to tell or lacking evidence to provide a solid answer
  • Not Tested – Has yet to be requested or there is some limitations to prevent accurate test results
  • N/A – Not Available and or Not Applicable to this program


V. 7.5 – “AVG AntiVirus PRO for Tablets App Review Template


Tested On A: Nexus 7 (2013) (Model: ME37OT)

Operating System: Android (V5.1.1)

Price: $15.49 USD (Google Play App Store)

Is This App Worth The Price – Without a doubt it is the best way to have piece of mind. In regards to a safe and secure Tablet.

A. Installation AVG AntiVirus PRO for Tablets – 5.0 Excellent” – Very easy just click on AVG Anti-Virus Free  App icon and press Install.

B. Un-installing AVG AntiVirus PRO for Tablets4.5Great – It could be a little easier to remove. Just follow the steps below to un-install your AVG App.

B1. Go to your “Settings

B2. Then go to “Applications“.

B3. Then choose the “Anti-Virus App“.

B4. The press and hold your finger on the app

B5. There should be a screen that appears where you can un-install the AVG App.

B6. Wait a few seconds till the App is fully un-installed

B7. Then your good to go


C. Stability Of Program – 5.0 Excellent” – No crashes or freezing. Since I downloaded the app.


AVG Anti-Virus PRO for TabletsProtection

D1. App(s) Protection5.0Excellent” – AVG will tell you is the app is rouge and not affiliated with the Android App store. It does an excellent job at this. Thus far it has warned me 3 times.

D2. Settings Protection5.0Excellent” – This option is very simple yet very important. It makes sure in your options to install and download apps of “unknown sources” will not be allowed to occur. Other then that super important job. I saw no other reason for this Protection option.


AVG Anti-Virus PRO for TabletsPerformance

E1. Battery Usage4.0Great“- This option could of been so much more then. Here’s your phone and this where you are at ##% wise.

E2. Task Killer – 3.0 Average This option is exactly what you would expect and nothing else.

E3. Clean Junk4.0Great” – A great app to clean out al thous useless files

E4. Data Plan – 4.0Great” – Great, if you are on a set data plan.

E5. Storage Usage – 4.5Great” – A really great option to check on both your Internal Memory and your SD card memory stats.


AVG Anti-Virus PRO for Tablets Anti-Thief

G. Camera TrapNot Tested

G1. Device Lock5.0Excellent” – This option will lock up your Smart Phone if someone tries to remove your SIM chip and put their own in.

G2. Anti-Theft PIN5.0Excellent” – This option will allow you to unlock your Smart phone in case it ever gets locked up.

G3. Enhanced Protection5.0Excellent” – This option allows you to remotely wipe your phone and use the Camera trap remotely from your lock screen.


AVG Anti-Virus PRO for Tablets Privacy

F. App Locker4.0Great” – A great app to lock up all your apps on your Smart Phone. With a 4 digit pin code.

FF. App Backup 4.0Great” – This option allows you to back-up all your apps on your SD card.

F1. Online Privacy4.0Great” – This option helps protect all your sensitive social media data from falling into the wrong hands.

F2. Wipe SD Card5.0Excellent” – Great for when you are upgrading your devices memory or if you wish to trade or sell your SD card.

F3. Wipe Device  (AKA. Factory Re-set) – 4.0Great” – Great tool for people who unwittingly corrupted or infect their device with something really nasty.


H. Speed of Scan4.0Great – Way faster scans then in past versions of this app. Way to improve AVG Team.

I. Updating4.0Great – Updates Automatically. So you have one less thing to worry about.

J. AVG SupportNot Tested


My Overall Score: 88/100

88 % = A


My Final Verdict –Part 1 The main difference with AVG AntiVirus PRO for Tablets. Is that is it split into 4 different layers of protection.

The 1st layer would be Protection

1. Apps -This is where the scanner will pick up any rouge apps. That are not certified via the (Google Play App Store).

2. Content – This is where you’ll find out if you downloaded or transferred a virus on to your smart phone. Via Wi-Fi, USB or Bluetooth.

3. Settings – Is also very important and often overlooked when people first get their phone. Often there are settings with in setting that make your smart phone less then secure. Such as letting unknown or un-certified apps to collect your private data, Or transmitting your location without your permission (Also known as Geo-tagging).

The 2nd layer is the AVG AntiVirus PRO for Tablets Performance

1. Battery Usage

2. Task Killer

3. Clean Junk

4. Data Plan

5. Storage Usage

The 3rd layer is the AVG AntiVirus PRO for Tablets Anti-Theft

1. Camera Trap

The 4th layer is the AVG AntiVirus PRO for Tablets  Privacy

1. App Lock

2. App Backup

3. Wipe Device

4. Online Privacy

5. Wipe Data By Category

6. Wipe Device

My Final Verdict –Part 2 Now performance wise. This is no watered down version of the full blow PC version of AVG. Yes, there are less options and scanning is a lot slower. Due to mobile phone limitations. But other then that you get what you would expect.

**As per the norm it is highly recommend that you upgrade to the newest version of AVG AntiVirus PRO for Tablets when available. 


Here are 1 links to download AVG AntiVirus PRO for Tablets App:

1. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.antivirus.tablet (Google Play App Store)



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