Dante’s Inferno (Divine Edition) – PS3 Game Review

Genra: Action

About This Game:  In Dante’s Inferno, players assume the role of Dante as he travels on an epic descent through Dante Alighieri’s nine circles of Hell – limbo, lust, gluttony, greed, anger, heresy, violence, fraud and treachery. Players assume the role of Dante, who descends into Hell after returning home to find his beloved Beatrice murdered, with Lucifer seducing her soul into the underworld. His mission is to save Beatrice, but he soon realizes he is also in Hell to face his own demons and ultimately to redeem himself.To take down the demons of Hell, Dante is outfitted with two primary weapons: the Scythe he takes from Death and the Holy Cross given to him by Beatrice, which has spiritual powers that will help Dante collect souls and spells from the creatures he defeats on his journey. The game also features a deep upgrade system so gamer can customize their abilities to their specific gameplay style. Each circle showcases its own distinct look, with demons, monsters, damned and geography that are crafted straight from the poem’s vivid descriptions.

Gameplay: 7/10 – This game has so many glitches and very irritating puzzles. That seem to be there just to stall your advanced in stead of having any real value in the game.

Learning Curve : Easy – Medium difficulty – There are control issues and there are a lot of strange physics in the game. Dropping to your death,  falling off ledges or getting killed by some environmental factor is common place.

Graphics/Sound: 8/10 – The combinations of the amazing visuals and the very epic feeling instrumental music. Makes a great over all feel of a truly epic game.

Lasting Appeal: 6.5/10 – This game will take you under 5 hours to beat at first. Then maybe an 1 and 45 min to beat the second time. My big issues is I unlocked all the extras while playing on easy. So I had really no reason to want to replay it again.  There is the “Gates Of Hell” but it is very limited and not at all randomized.

The Whole Package: 7.5/10 – I loved this game even when it was way shorter then I expected. And I lost even more love for this game after playing G-d of War 1, 2 and 3 for the first time.

Overall rating 7.5/10 – This game has really fast load times. Very cool weapons and a difficulty level that increases after each zone

Till My Next PS3 Game review….

Remy “Se7en”

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