5 Apps to Help You Organize your Home Life

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Technology permeates nearly every aspect of 21st century life. From business and industry to schools and even homes, electronic gadgets are essential for our daily routines. At Modernize, we think that families and homeowners can embrace the many benefits of technology in order to provide a coherent and organized home life. Here are 5 of the top apps to help you organize your life at home.

Kitchen assistants


Epicurious is a free iOS recipe app that allows you to access and store over 35,000 recipes from all over the Internet. More than just a standard recipe app, Epicurious has an intelligent kitchen timer function that tells you how long a particular ingredient will take to cook and offers voice control in Cook Mode to keep you hands free while cooking. A recipe app like this one will revolutionize your home life instantly.

Also recommended: KitchenMath

An inexpensive conversion app, KitchenMath is only $0.99 on iOS and takes the stress out of unit conversion and temperature conversion. A must if you cook often (and aren’t a fan of math).

Productivity/to-do lists


Every functional home needs a way to keep track of tasks and lists. Wunderlist lets you create and edit shareable lists, syncing automatically as updates come in. You can also delegate tasks and subtasks to members of the family and add due dates and deadlines to particular items. The basic version of this app is perfect for family organization, but for $4.99 per month you can choose the Pro option with unlimited access and help your family business or freelance work get organized as well.

Also recommended: Evernote

If you want a free shareable note-taking app that also functions as a to-do list, Evernote is for you. Create and edit your own notes and files in and out of the application, share with your family, and access anywhere.



Managing home finances is complicated to say the least, so make your budget management less stressful with PocketGuard, a free bank account tracker and budget management app. PocketGuard categorizes expenditures and funds, remembering your regular bills, loan payments, and debits so you don’t have to. The In My Pocket feature lets you track funds across all accounts and lets you know exactly how much money you have at any given time. Supporting all major US banks, this app will take complications out of bank balancing.

Also recommended: Wally

Wally is a free personal finance app that allows you to set financial goals, balance your budget, and save your data to iCloud while remembering your preferences and functioning as a smart (ie. learning) application.


Fantastical 2

Perhaps even more important than to-do lists, a calendar app will become essential for your organized home life. Fantastical 2 is on the higher end of the price scale at $4.99, but its pleasant user interface and multiple calendar views take it from basic calendar to premium app instantly. This app also shows event location maps and lets you set reminders for particular events using predetermined parsers, dictations, and normal language. Like all good calendar apps, Fantastical 2 supports and syncs with other calendars so everyone can access your schedule.

Also recommended: iOS Calendar

If you don’t want to shell out for a calendar app (and if you and your family all use iOS devices), Apple’s Calendar app works perfectly well for shared calendars and event reminders and comes pre-installed on iOS devices.

For kids


Keep your kids’ finances all in one place with iAllowance, an allowance manager, chore chart, and reward app. Although it costs $3.99 to download, this app is easy to use and has an attractive chalkboard style UI. Create banks for any and all of your children’s funds, separating funds by child, and see transaction lists, give rewards, assign chores, and credit regular allowances. Parental controls and automatic syncing between devices will allow you and the other adults in your home keep control while letting your children safely see where their money is going.

Also recommended: Disney Movies Anywhere

Disney Movies Anywhere is a Disney subscription app that is free to download, letting you access your purchased Disney films from anywhere. Who doesn’t need a babysitter every once in awhile ?

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