Gravity Rush – Vita Game Review

Gameplay: 6.5/10 -Gravity Rush has a very loose and airy controls. That is both positive and negative at the same time. You do control Gravity so you would expect feeling light or heavy. But where the control scheme fails is during combat. It is very very hit and miss targeting the Nevi’s (The most common bad guy your gonna face in the game).

Gravity Rushes Vita touch controls could of been used way better and more could of easily added. Such as use of the rear touch pad. And I am not a fan of the rear touch pad.

The 2 epic failure of touch controls are Gravity sliding and evading your enemy’s attacks.

First off the Gravity Slide power fails to be as accurate to use  as it should be. As you wil need it a lot and even more in challenges modes that you unlock.

The second is power is “Evade” where you swipe the vita screen to dodge attacks. It becomes massively problematic as you are already using both hands and have to remove your fingers on your left or right hand to swipe your Vita screen.  My guess is you’ll do what I did and ditch that power. Even thou you will need that ability at some key points. It is much better using your main set of gravity powers instead. trust me on this.

Fall to your death or stay in control and lose a little bit of life.

Overall Gravity Rush takes some serious trial and error. Along with a control scheme that will take you time and effort to learn and master.

Gravity Rush without the DLC. Has 21 muti-part missions. I stress muti-part aspect. Often you will be doing 3 or 4 tasks to beat 1 of the 21 non-DLC missions. Gravity Rush took me a week in change to complete (again this is the  non-DLC parts.)

Gravity Rush tries to be true open world game and falls a little short in many of the aspects you woudl expect from a game like Infamous or Assassins Creed. It really is a muti-part world with added hidden mind bending worm hole like parts.

But sadly this brings me to another really embarrassing Gravity Rush flaw. The INSANE load times during the bulk of the game. It really brings you out of “The Gravity Rush World” at every turn. But what do you expect with a game that tries it hardest to be an open world. And thus tries to render a load free space with a massive back drops. That really does not load during many long swaths of time.

Learning Curve: Medium – Extremely difficulty – Gravity Rush gets really hard very very quickly. So quickly you may be like I was at first. I dropped the game in sheer frustration. After well over a dozen attempts at a stealth mission.  Then almost right in the middle of the game I nearly dropped it again when. I entered a Q-BERT-esc level mixed with a VR mission level like setup.

Gravity Rush get down right insane when it comes to heavy battles. Where there is less then a handful of health gems. This aspect of the game makes no sense. There are parts that you are over run with health gems. Yet you don’t need them at all. Then there is a boss battle and there are like 5 health gems.

Graphics: 7/10 – Gravity Rush’s graphics can be broken up into 2 parts. The main game which is cell shaded like XIII or Borderlands yet really very hazy looking almost washed out at certain points. The bright purple gems stand out quite well and don’t seem to fit in this world of haze. But then there is the clear strength of Gravity Rush.  The interactive comic book. Which is  beautiful, detailed and downright bright. It is pure EYE CANDY.

Multiplayer: N/A – Gravity Rush has no multiplayer. In fact when starting up the game your Vita. It will tell you that the Network features have been disabled.  Which plays in your favour as it saves some Vita battery life

Lasting Appeal: 6/10Other then the DLC and hidden travellers. A handful of less then interesting challenges. Which are super easy to unlock. Add trophy’s into the mix and still you have a very very limited overall lasting Appeal.

Sadly I could find little to keep the game interesting after I beat the 21 main missions. Even my Pre-order DLC the Military pack added little to the mix with 2 extra challenges and a 2 part epic mission. Which does add a little to the main story. But other then that. I very much doubt, I’ll be playing Gravity Rush. Or at least till I pick up the next DLC pack coming out this June 26th, 2012 for North America.

The Whole Package: 7/10 – I have to say that this game thinks outside the box from normal handheld gameplay experiences. But if you are into Action Adventure Plat-former with a dash of JRPG and strategy sprinkled in. Then this is a game for you. If your not an out of the box gamer and like your games simple and played on ground with an obvious path forward. Think again my friends this game tosses most of that stuff out of the window.

Overall rating for Gravity Rush is a 7/10 – If you like your games to cross a wide variety of game types this is your game. But don’t expect VO (voice overs) or fancy music. Gravity Rush is very Japanese and your gonna need to read a lot to understand what is going on. There is no English spoken in the entire game. English is in subtitles only and in the interactive comic book.

Till The Next Vita Game Review,

Remy “Se7en”


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