EPD 304: Fan Mail Friday’s (05/27/2016)

Dear (CSW) Team,

What is your opinion on devices with non-removable batteries ?

Sent In By “Just Like A Phat Brick Redux


What is your opinion on devices with non-removable batteries ?


Remy’s Reply: I hate the idea. But I understand why companies do it. Mainly to prevent hacking or modding.


Matt’s Reply:  I’m with Remy on this one. It’s a terrible idea that should never have been adopted by the technical companies around the world. I’ve had batteries on devices like phones die on me before, and I’ve just brought a new one to replace it. Now I can’t do that.  It’s been done to prevent things like hacking or modding, like what happened with Sony’s PSP.


Erin’s Reply: I also hate the idea and don’t really get it. Should it not be the consumers choice if he or she wants a device with a removable batteries or not. I say it should be reflected in the price. Why not make it a little cheaper for non-removable and a little bit of a bump up in price for removable. At least that way you have a choice.


Danny’s Reply: I don’t really care as I always tend to upgrade to the newest thing in what ever category. I’ve had no issues thus far. But it does get rather expensive if you need repairs done.


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