Opinion Outpost – Survey Site Review (May 2016)

Name: Opinion Outpost

Link:https://www.opinionoutpost.com (US Site) or http://www.opinionoutpost.ca (Canadian Site)

Who Is Eligible To Participate: US or Canadian Residences Only

Type of Award Or Payment: Cash (points) / Instant Prize / Sweepstakes / Donation To Red Cross / Amazon e – Gift Certificates / Alawar PC Game Online Gift ID / Paypal Payment / Request a Cheque –Only for US residence– /

(10 point = $1.00 USD/CAD)

You must have 100 points or $10.00 CAD/USD to redeem for a $10.00 Amazon E– Gift Certificates

But to redeem for a Paypal payout. You must have at least 100 points or $10.00 CAD/USD in your account to redeem.

Points or Cash Normally Earned Per Survey: 0 – 100 points

Sign-Up Time: Very Lengthy

How Many Survey Invitations Should You Expect Per Week: 1 – 30 (Generally, you’ll see at least one general invite in your inbox everyday. But saying that does not means you’ll get any points.)

How Long Does It Take To Collect A Reward Or Cash Out: About half a months to 1 year. Doing all the surveys sent to you in full. It really does depend on your level of engagement and interest in Opinion Outpost.

(Sometimes it can take a lot longer, Depending on how much you want before you claim your reward or cash out) –Example $50.00 or $100

Do They Spam You: No

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5Opinion Outpost seems to have smoothed out most of it’s rough edges. Most of the issues that plagued it during my last few review are not completely gone. They still have been some major hindrances in the overall difficulty of the surveys and qualifying for the rewards. I have often found myself in mid-survey. When I am kicked or glitch-ed out for no reason (What So Ever). I don’t even get the screen. That asks me if I want to try for an Instant Prize/Donate/ or Leave.

That is honestly a really rather sad situation. When we put in the time and effort into said survey. And are receiving ABSOLUTELY nothing in return, other then the run around or just really rather lame excuses why it is our fault. That to me is just unacceptable in every respect.

On a lighter more positive note. I find there are way more surveys to do around 5 a day (In most respects). I still get glitched up in some cases or get kicked out like I mentioned above. But overall OO deserves some solid praise for their work on cleaning up the site of glitches. This survey site still remains in my top 3 survey sites and that says a lot. If you follow my overall-y tough reviews. Which you can find on our main reviews -page-.


Extra Important Information: You must complete your full survey site profile as well as update it at least once a year. To continue to receive your survey invites from Opinion Outpost. If you fail to do so, Opinion Outpost will just stop sending you survey invites to you without any warning at all.


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Till The Next Review,

Remy “Se7en”


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