EPD 298: Fan Mail Friday’s (04/15/2016)

Dear (CSW) Team,

At what point should I defrag my hard drives ? Now, I’m talking my main hard drives in my desktop.

Sent In By “De-Fog The Brain Redux


At what point should I defrag my hard drives ?


Remy’s Reply: I”m very OCD with my PC Maintenance. So I try not to let my PC to hit 5% disk fragmentation rating. Hell, I barely let it hit 1%. But that probably just me.


Matt’s Reply: Good question, for your computers main hard drive (on desktop or laptop) that runs a Windows OS, like XP / Vista / 7 / 8, it needs to be defragged regularly, as that drive needs to run the Windows OS, deal with RAM, virtual RAM, processing speeds, other hard drives and accessories plugged in to it, as well as many other things, so allowing the fragmentation to build up, will affect everything that the hard drives does, including slowing down Windows to cause lockups, freezes, lockups, and every shut downs. This means that I’d recommend that you don’t allow the fragmentation to get above 2%, but in most cases, no higher than 5% is okay as well. Personally I don’t let it get above 1%.


Danny’s Reply: I let my computer tell me. Oh, I run both PowerSuite 2016 and Auslogic Boostspeed. Both are paidware BTW.


Erin’s Reply: I am pretty lazy and let my computer tank speed wise before I’ll run a scan. 


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Till Next Friday,


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