EPD 297: Fan Mail Friday’s (04/08/2016)

Dear (CSW) Team,

What would your advice be on how often I should run my virus scans ? I have asked around and I keep on getting different answers. Please help.

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What would your advice be on how often I should run my virus scans ?


Remy’s Reply: This one question has got me divided because I can see it from both sides. Now stay with me. If you use the computer everyday along with the net. their is a possibility that you may have acquired a virus during said venture. That may be so embedded or hidden the first line of defence the RESIDENTIAL SHIELD missed it. And so logically the full system scan may indeed find it. And I have had that happen before. Enough times that I recommend to run your scan on off hours every night. I set mine for 5am EST. Then it runs from anywhere from 20 mins to 45 mins.

Now for the other side. Don’t be wasteful of your computer resources. It a pretty simple idea the more process you run the slower your computer runs and if it is always on like mine. You can get into a system lag or resource loss or hang up. The worse case here woudl be BSOD (Blue Screen OF Death) BSOD (Black Screen Of Death) or a complete freeze up not related to a BSOD.


Matt’s Reply: Right okay. Stay with me on this. There are two or three situations that I see here. First one is if you use your computer and the internet for multiple hours everyday, like for your job, then I’d recommend running the virus scans either everyday or at least every two days, because if you use your computer (and especially the internet everyday), it  means that you can acquire viruses much easier, even without your knowledge.

The second scenario I see, is that you might use your computer and the internet for just a couple of hours a day, but still everyday. If this is you, then I’d recommend running your virus scans at least one or two times a week, like Wednesdays and Saturdays, just to keep on top of things and keep your system clean on viruses. The third and final scenario I see, is that you sparsely use your computer, like for two to six hours a week, then I’d recommend running your virus scan at least once or week, or once every two weeks, if you’re not someone who is very reliant on the computer or the internet.

Also try running the virus scans when you’re away from your system, like when you’re asleep or doing other things around the house, as the system can dedicate all of its processing power into the virus scan, and you won’t have to worry about it giving you the dreaded BSOD / BSOD (Blue / Black Screens Of Death), or the scan taking up all of your systems resources, like Virtual RAM.—————————-

Danny’s Reply: I would go with Remy but I have a laptop and I turn it off everyday after school or just before bed. But my virus scan does scan as soon as it starts up.


Erin’s Reply: I”m with Remy why take the risk for what seems like a small foot print of computer stats backlash.


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