Adblock Plus (2.7.2) – Mozilla FireFox Add-on Review

Adblock Plus (2.7.2)

A. Ease Of Use: 5/5 – Super easy to use

B. Security: 4.5/5 – Adblock Plus is really good at what it does. Which is block a large number or ads. From banners to pop-up ads and nag screen while surfing the net using this add-on. I was shocked at how many I was running into before I installed and activated this add-on. I would have to say you mix this with the add-on NoScript and you basically have an almost perfect storm. In combating most of your Internet woes and annoyances. When it comes to most forms of Internet ads.

It’s not perfect.  It will not protect you from all forms of Internet ads. Nor will it completely protect you from pop-up ads or viruses. And lastly in the extremely rare cases it may cause some websites not to properly load. Such as survey sites and some download sites. But again that is extremely rare. But I wanted to mention it, as it can occur.

C. Usefulness: 5/5 – I’ll keep this simple. Once you go with Adblock Plus. You won’t want to go back surfing the net without it installed and active.

D. FireFox Slowdown: There maybe some website that may load at a slower pace or you may encounter “Very brief pauses while the ads are being blocked and or  deflected.

E. Computer Slow Down: No lag, that I noticed.

F. Type Of User I Would Recommend To Use This Add-on: I would advise any Firefox user annoyed with any type of Internet ad. To just give this add-on 1 full Firefox Internet surfing session and I can bet you won’t be disappointed.


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