World Clock & Widget (1.7.4) – Android App Review

World Clock & Widget (1.7.4)

Cost Of App: Free (Google Play App Store)

Is there a paid upgrade option ?: No

App Description: (See Below)

Simple and easy to use world clock application & widget.

If your location is missing, find a place in the same time zone & change the clock title:

(1) Find another city/location in the same time zone, and add it.
(2) Click on the new city and select “Edit Clock”.
(3) Rename the clock title & description and click on “OK”.


* Customizable widget background.
* Multiple clocks support.
* Quick search for locations.
* Displaying 12H or 24H clock format.
* Optional display of date

Are there in App ads ?: Yes, but only a very small random logo

A. Ease Of Use: 5/5 – Super simple. Select your desired location (AKA. Place like London or Time Zone like PST) Then decide if you wish to have a widget on your home screen or no widget and only have the clock in your Google apps list.

B. Security: No effect on Smart Phone or Tablet security.

C. Usefulness: 4/5 – Again only really useful if you intend to use it. If not it is just taking up space on your phone or tablet.

D. Smart phone Slowdown: None

E. Tablet Slowdown: None

f. Type Of User I Would Recommend To Use This App: Anyone who wants to keep track of different time zones other then there own. Then this is a very easy call to make. So go ahead and download it and don’t by accident call your mate at 3am his time. Because you were unaware of his time zone difference.


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