PSP-2000 (PSP Slim) – Full Handheld Video Game System Review

(Warning this is a no bullshit review I have a PSP myself. I just don’t want people to believe all the hype and regret the decision thinking it is a PS2 or even a Gameboy SP) I love my PSP but it does have some major issues that very few people ever cover or talk about….


– Very very very short battery life (Super huge issue)

– Very Expensive ($109.99 USD for just the core system and NO GAMES)

– Very sensitive LCD screen that scratches way to easily

– Expensive memory stick (Buy MagicGate AKA ScanDisk Pro Duo it is cheaper then SONY’s  version)

– Battery indicator light FLASHES GREEN instead of the normal Red. So a lot of people do not even realize that they have low battery power and your hand covers the light. So even if it is flashing you can’t really see it anyways.

– Some games have really long loading times

– PSP has some really odd formatting issues like takes only MP4 format and the fact you have to buy or download conversation software

– Generally does does not come with USB cable

– Thumb stick is very hard to use and most games have control issues

– Not a lot of games or even games coming out compared to the Nintendo DS


– Really easy controls besides the thumb nub or joystick.

– Great games

– Really great graphics

– Cheaper then XBox 360 or PS3

– Wifi compatible

– Games are an average price $0.99 to about $59.99 USD

– Some games you can update for free like Killzone: Liberation & EXIT

– Has very easy to use multiplayer

– Has a lot of useful features

– Don’t need special headphone adapter like so many devices like the Gameboy SP AKA GBA or i-pod

So I give PSP Slim a 3.5 out of 5 only because of the 3 main flaws I see that are huge. ONE: Only one thumb stick that can be really problematic. Second: very short battery life. Third: Not as many games as I would like to see for a mainstream handheld device.

PS: Make sure you watch what add-ons you are buying. Make sure it says it is for the PSP Slim or PSP-2000 or it will not work on your system and you just wasted your money.

Till My Next Post,

Remy “Se7en”


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