AutoFill Forms (1.0.8) – Mozilla FireFox Add-on Review

AutoFill Forms (1.0.8)

A. Ease Of Use: 4/5 – Getting better with every update. But it takes some getting use to. And short cuts could be way easier to use.

B. Security: (Very Un-secure) – If you don’t mind giving all your key information away. To whom ever is on your computer and decides to load up FireFox.

C. Usefulness: 4/5 – Very very useful if you are tired of always filling out the same online forms over and over again. AutoFill will fill in most online forms with a touch of the pencil icon. But there are still sometimes errors that occur once in a while. But they are by no  means a deal breaker.

D. FireFox Slow Down: None

E. Computer Slow Down: None

F. What Type Of User Would I Recommend To Use This Add-on: Any FireFox user could benefit from this add-on.


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