PDP’s PS Vita Custom Crystal Case – PS Vita Accessories Review

Cost: $9.99 – $19.99 MSRP

The PDP’s Custom Crystal Case has a glossy black plastic exterior and a rugged rubber-lined interior, the clam-shell Crystal Case manages to look streamlined while protecting your PS Vita investment

The case also sports a maximum of 8 game cards and 2 memory cards that fit flush against the  individual rubber trays on the inside of the case.

The case is opened by putting pressure on the clasp on the front side of the case, which sits on the exterior of the case.

The case is VERY bulky. So it is NOT perfect for carrying your Vita around with you on the go.

The Crystal Case also has an advantage in its customization. The case can be pimped out by replacing the front and back cover. By removing the rubber lining and either using the five art covers included in the package, (with mine, it came with 1 Wipeout cover, 1 Little Deviant cover, and 3 PS Vita cover/inserts) or, if you wish you can making your own cover/insert.

On the negative side while your Vita itself maybe protected, the hard plastic exterior of the Crystal Case is vulnerable to scratches, dings, cracking and even the hinges breaking.

The Crystal Case does not allow you to play the Vita while in the case. Nor will it let you charge it or use your USB cable. Due to it very snug design.

All in all, I would recommend this case to anyone who travels a lot or carries a backpack. As it will not fit in even the largest pockets in your pants. But it will keep your Vita safe , clean and protected from the weather. But don’t expect this to be portable in the sense of a soft pouch or clip case. That you can add on to your belt loop.

In conclusion, this is a great case. But don’t expect it to last when dropped onto a hard surface. It will at first protect your Vita. But you will need to buy a new case as the outer shell maybe severally damaged.

I give the PDP’s PS Vita Custom Crystal Case An  Overall Of – 6.5 out of 10 – The main reasons for such a low score are as follows:  

– Lack of portability (Way to bulky for a carrying case)

– Plastic shell will break if dropped on a hard surface such as concert or cement


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