EPD 267: Fan Mail Friday’s (09/11/2015)

Dear (CSW) Team,

What’s your opinion of the 3 Smart Phone operating systems out there ? Because my contract is almost up and I can’t decide on what phone to get.

Sent In By “The Operating Systems Blues


What’s your opinion of the 3 Smart Phone operating systems out there ?


Remy’s Reply: Well first off I’m strictly an Android man. I say once you go Android you don’t tend to go back. I also like the Android interface and store.


Erin’s Reply: Well I’m an i-Phone girl and I would not have it any other way. I’ve always gone with Apple and plenty happy with it.


Matt’s Reply: Well, personally I own an iPhone, so I use Apple’s Operating System on a daily basis and find it to be very useful and easy to navigate. There are constant updates, along with plenty of Apps and Games to play on the iPhone. I haven’t used any phones that utilise the Android or Windows Operating Systems, so I can’t speak about them really, other than that from what I’ve seen over the years, they both seem to be well designed Operating Systems that work very well alongside Apple’s Operating System. Competition between different companies is good for business and goo for consumers.


Danny’s Reply: Well I’ve moved around a lot from Apple to Android to the Windows operating system. I tend to like the Android operating system the best. Android seems the simplest for me anyways.



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Till Next Friday,



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