EPD 266: Fan Mail Friday’s (09/04/2015)

Dear Danny,

I read all your WTF features. And I was wondering at what age do you think it would be ok for me to allow my kids to get a SmartPhone ? I’m very aware that it seems my kids are one of the few who are not packing a phone with them at school. So any suggesting to a busy parent who wants to be real and fair.

Sent In By “Concerned Noob Parents Redux”


And I was wondering at what age do you think it would be ok for me to allow my kids to get a SmartPhone ?


Danny’s Reply: Well first off that is always a very hard choice to make. As once the flood gates open there is little chance of going back. To the way things were before. Now I’m not a parent not even close to a parent. So I say follow your gut and set your own rules. Some kids are good with set their own limits and are no worse for ware. While other become addicted and or have problematic issues. Related to thier Smartphone usage such as being bullied or bullying other kids they know.

I can’t give you an age everyone is different, and I am not a doctor or child or adolescent psychologist. So I would be be giving out knowledge I don’t have and are not really comfortable to give out to you or anyone else.

I do have to point out. That there are people without Smart Phones who are happy. They don’t feel they are missing anything or are being left out. If you kid(s) ask you that they want a smart phone ask them why. Then if you agree to allow them too have one. Don’t leave them alone and set concert rules up front. Also let them know that even thou it seems like everyone has a smart phone. But there are people who don’t.

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