EPD 265: Fan Mail Friday’s (08/28/2015)

Dear Matt,

How do you find it working for (CSW) ?

Sent In By “Please Notice Me


How do you find it working for (CSW) ?


Matt’s Reply: I find it to be quite interesting and fulfilling on a daily basis. As our readership may already know, I have taken over the role of running the Terms & Definitions Feature on Tuesdays, I also contribute to the Fan Mail Fridays Feature, and I also write reviews every so often, like one going up next week.

I do enjoy writing and working for (CSW) as it’s different from other writing roles I’ve done in the past, and I have an awesome friendship with Remy “Se7en”, the Editor In-Chief of (CSW). It’s not my main job though, as the majority of my day is spent running my own PC Hardware Repair Business that runs for six days a week, and I’m also involved in the Gaming Industry via my contacts with each of the major publishers.


So if you are keen and want all the latest (CSW) news, reviews and features. You can follow us via our main Twitter Page @ https://twitter.com/#!/Computer_Savvy or via Remy’s own personal Twitter Page https://twitter.com/#!/RemySe7en .PS: Just a heads up to all our readership. He does indeed follow everyone back. If you follow him on his own personal Remy “Se7en” Twitter account.


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Till Next Friday,



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