EPD 255: Fan Mail Friday’s (06/19/2015)

Dear (CSW) Team,

What are your thoughts on smart wearable technology ?

Sent In By “Techno Wear


What are your thoughts on smart wearable technology ?


Remy’s Reply: Well I think it is pretty darn cool. But still way too expensive even at the entry level.


Matt’s Reply: Personally, I find it all rather useless, especially in my life. All I need is two laptops, an iPad and an iPhone. Wearable watches, glasses, etc are not important to me, and seem rather stupid. On top of that, prices are through the roof and I never pay what they are asking for any of these devices. End of discussion from me.


Erin’s Reply: I disagree with Remy on entry price point. But I agree with the it’s cool part. I have not went all out with the i-watch. But I have a Fitbit wearable watch and I love it. And I’m thinking about some other wearable tech in the near future.


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