EPD 247: Fan Mail Friday’s (04/24/2015)

Dear (CSW) Team,

How much spam or junk mail is “Normal” for a person to get ?

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How much spam or junk mail is “Normal” for a person to get ?


Remy’s Reply: Great question. But there is no real way to answer it. It all depends on you and what you consider as Junk Mail or Spam Mail.

In the end everyone get some even on a new e-mail account. Just watch out the more sites you sign up with. The more potential there is for junk or spam mail.

The best way to avoid junk or or spam mail. Is don’t give out your e-mail via the net. Instead give it via paper to a small group of friends. That way there is less likely for you to get spam or junk mail. It’s low tech but it works.

**But to get back to your question on an exact number of junk or spam mail. I would have to say between 1-5 on most free mail accounts such as Hotmail or Yahoo. Less so on Gmail they have better filters. But even them suffer from junk mail from time to time.


Matt’s Reply: Great but difficult question. It really varies per person, depending on how time of their life is spent online and what they actually do online. For instance, if you’re like me and work on (CSW) and on Hybrid Games, and deal with your daily business over several e-mail address then you’re going to get considerably more Junk Mail and Spam than someone who just has one e-mail address and uses it to check Facebook, Twitter and do your shopping from Amazon.

The ratio there on average should be something like 2-3 a day for me from my daily work online, compared to maybe 1-2 a week for someone who just check Facebook, Twitter and shops on Amazon.

The best way to protect yourself against Spam and Junk Mail is to own a private e-mail address over using a free e-mail service such as Hotmail, Yahoo or G-Mail, which actually has the best filters and security services of the three free e-mail services. Plus, if you do have a private e-mail address, then you can also keep Spam and Junk Mail away by staying on top of your filters and settings for those e-mail accounts.


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