Collageit Pro – (1.9.5) – Full Paidware Review

Name Program: Collageit Pro

AA. Cost: $19.90 USD

BB. Is Collageit Pro Worth The Price ?: Well that all depends if you are into this type of art/hobby. Otherwise it is not very useful outside that spec of devoted people.

1. Ease Of Use – Very simple, choose a template, add photos / pictures, arrange them, size them, rinse and repeat.

1A. Interface – Very easy to understand. So easy I’m gonna have to say it is idiot proof.

2. Quality Of Collageit Pro – Well that will depend vastly on your printer. You could have a killer collage, but have a crappy printer and your efforts will be vastly demised. Keep it online though and you’ll suffer very little from the latter issue.

3. Can You Run Other Programs While Running Collageit Pro ? : Yes, you can with no real drain on your PC at all.

4. Can You Leave Collageit Pro Running With Little Or No Issue ? : You definitely can.

7. Is YouTube Collageit Pro Stable ? : Yes, this program is very stable, and we never had any stability issues regardless of task.


Overall score for Collageit Pro” (1.9.5) is a 3 out of 5 The main reason for the score is there is a very limited sector of people who would find this software remotely useful. But saying that, if you are into this type of art project, then this will be right up your ally.


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Written By,

Remy “Se7en”


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