EPD 246: Fan Mail Friday’s (04/17/2015)

Dear (CSW) Team,

Why are some free wi-fi spots better than others ?

Sent In By “Hi-Fi Wi-Fi


Why are some free wi-fi spots better than others ?


Remy’s Reply: It all depends on the bandwidth and where the router is. The closer the better the signal. Often the store will shove it in some back room such as the supply closet. So your not gonna get a good signal.

Another reason could be bandwidth capping. Where the store caps the kilobytes or megabytes to such a level that is first come first serve. They can set it up so only one person can use it or 100. Depends on the place.


Matt’s Reply: Wi-Fi Hotspots depend on a variety of conditions, such as the supplier providing the service, the strength of the bandwidth and the location of the server, how powerful the technology providing the service is and if it is maintained regularly to clear out any disruption to that service.

Also, when dealing with Wi-FI Hotspots, some of them have bandwidth or data capping, which actually regulates how many kilobytes or megabytes can be accessed per person at any one time. It will also tend to be slower during peak and busy hours as more people are using the service, so it’s best to try it during off-peak hours.


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