EPD 245: Fan Mail Friday’s (04/10/2015)

Dear Scam Watch Team,

I’ve been wondering how you guys know that you have received a Scam Mail ?

Sent In By “From The Dark Side Of The Tracks


I’ve been wondering how you guys know that you have received a Scam Mail ?


Remy’s Reply: Well, for me it is very simple. But it takes a keen eye to catch the signs. Here are some of the signs.

1. The e-mail does not mention you by name. Such as Dear client or customer.

2. The e-mail address is out of place or contains numbers.

3. There are spelling mistakes.

4. You never sent a e-mail to that person or company.

5. You never entered a draw or lottery.

6. Incorrect or out of date company logos.

7. There are numerous links all asking for you to do something. Such as 7 different links to change your password in one e-mail. Which I call pointless or just plain overkill.

8. A large sum of money is involved.


**There are way more but those are the main ones.


Matt’s Reply: The easy ways are to look for common issues, such as spelling mistakes, weird e-mail addresses attached to the senders name (including your own), mentioning you by dear sir/madam, client or customer, it asks you to send large amounts of money or to enter a lottery draw, and it contains plenty of links asking you to do something, like changing your e-mail address or password.

Another way to recognise spam messages is that usually say SPAM in the subject line and can even contain no text in the subject title.


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Till Next Friday,



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