EPD 230: Fan Mail Friday’s (12/26/2014)

Dear Erin,

When will you be announcing the candidates for the (CSW) internships ?

Sent In By “Runner Up ?


When will you be announcing the candidates for the (CSW) internships ?


Erin’s Reply: I want to say by New Years. But a few of our candidates have run into some red tape. So we are still waiting for some of their info before we move on. We want everyone to start in January then go to March or April. But as of yet we have around 5 people for sure. The other ones are waiting on their school approval of our site/company.

So if you have applied you should of received 2 e-mails by now. One that says we got your application and one that explains the documentation we need to process your application.

If for some reason you have not received 1 or both of the e-mails. Please try again with the appropriate subject line header. In the mean time I’ll check our spam folder for your application.


So if you are keen and want all the latest (CSW) news, reviews and features. You can follow us via our main Twitter Page @ https://twitter.com/#!/Computer_Savvy or via Remy’s own personal Twitter Page https://twitter.com/#!/RemySe7en .

PS: Just a heads up to all our readership. He does indeed follow everyone back. If you follow him on his own personal Remy “Se7en” Twitter account.


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Till Next Friday,


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