EPD 223: Fan Mail Friday’s (11/07/2014)

Dear Remy, Danny and Kirbe,

How often should I update my survey site user profile ?

Sent In By “Profile OverLoad


How often should I update my survey site user profile ?


Remy’s Reply: Great question. First off it depends on what survey site your talking about. Because some sites want it updated a few times a year when others it is alright for once or twice a year. It really depends on you dedication to the site and How many survey invites you want to get.


Danny’s Reply: I update my profiles 2 times a year. Unless asked to update my profile more often via e-mail or site notice.


Kirbe’s Reply: I only update my profiles once unless asked otherwise. Or if I am in the mood to sit down and fill it out. Otherwise I see no point. But I’m sure I would get more invites if my profiles were more up to date.


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Till Next Friday,


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