EPD 213: Fan Mail Friday’s (08/29/2014)

Dear (CSW) Team,

I was wondering how important a touch screen is to Windows 8 ?

Sent In By “Out of touch


I was wondering how important a touch screen is to Windows 8 ?


Remy’s Reply: Well when running Windows 8. I felt it was way easier to navigate using the touch screen. But it is not the end of the world if you don’t have one with a touch screen. But you can clearly see that Microsoft is pushing the touch screen a lot on all platforms. Even some of the leading programs and apps are having the option being built in to have a dedicated touch screen interface. While I don’t feel your missing out on not having a touch screen. As I find it that some companies it is more of a gimmick then a fully fleshed out feature.


Danny’s Reply: Remy sort of nailed it for me. So I won’t repeat him. But all I’ll have to say is that fingerprints and other smudges are a real Bit*ch depending on the lighting. Just make sure you have the proper cleaning cloth on hand. To knock out the problem.


Erin’s Reply: Remy has said the basics. So I also won’t repeat him. But I’ll say that my touch screen Windows 8 laptop / notebook is faster loading. Then my Windows 8 non-touch screen Desktop. Both with basically the same system specs. So if I have to say anything is that you get a little better performance load time wise with a touch screen.


Kirbe’s Reply: Well touch screen or not Windows 8 is not worth it. Stick with Windows 7 or XP. I maybe off topic but. It had to be said.


Matt’s Reply: Okay, well first off, Windows 8 is a terible Operating System and should be avoided at all costs. Stay with either Windows XP or Windows 7, but if those aren’t available then go with Windows Vista. Now, on the topic of Touch Screen technology. For any Windows OS, whether its Windows XP, 7 or 8, it’s completely usless, as Windows 8 can bypass the Touch Pad menus completely and force the system to stay on the Windows 8 Desktop, just like Windows 7 and XP.

Although, if you have Windows 8 on a Tablet, then a Keyboard and Mouse usually aren’t available, so the Touch Screen becomes necessary for day to day use. I should also point out that Windows 8 is not needed for a Windows OS to use the Touch Screen, as if you have a PC Monitor or Laptop that have Touch Screen technology built-in to them, then it’ll also work on other Windows OS’ like Windows XP, Vista and 7, as well as 8.

Oh also, because you have to use your fingers on Touch Screen with any Windows OS, then But you’ll leave fingerprints and other smudges on the screen, and they can be a real B*stard to clean off, and look horrible in bright light. You’ll need a proper anti-static cleaning cloth on hand, with is very smooth, to knock out the problem and to avoid damaging the screen in the first place.

Oh, just for fun, Windows 9 will also be Touch Screen compatible, when it is finally released.


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