EPD 212: Fan Mail Friday’s (08/22/2014)

Dear (CSW) Team,

I was wondering how important it is that I update my Firefox Plug-ins ?

Sent In By “TiMeD OuT


I was wondering how important it is that I update my Firefox Plug-ins ?


Remy’s Reply: Well if we are talking Java and Adobe Flash Player. Then it is very important to stay on top of them for security reasons. But functionality wise you can be a few versions behind in ether one and not see any problems when surfing the net. But if you are really behind don’t be surprised if the sites your surfing will remind you for best viewing of this page please upgrade to XX version. Which will appear ether on the top of the screen or the bottom of the screen depending on your layout of Firefox and the page your on when you get the reminder.


Danny’s Reply: All thou Remy is correct in saying upgrade when ever it is possible, siting security reasons is very true. I am still on Firefox 3.6 and I am probably am 20 or more updates behind. But saying that I do run into a site or 2 that won’t work because of my lack of upgrading. Both Firefox and my plug-ins.


Erin’s Reply: I use Google Chrome and it updates by it’s self. Provided you have not changed the default setting.


Kirbe’s Reply: I wait until the downloads turns up on my Filehorse.com RSS feed.


Matt’s Reply: Wel, personally I don’t use Firefox Plug-ins as I have no need of them. My Firefox installation is basic, and I use that and Google Chrome. But I would say keep an eye of each of the plug-ins you use and update them accordingly, just like you would for Updates on the Windows OS, and install them when they are provided to you, unless otherwise indicated.


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