EPD 208: Fan Mail Friday’s (07/25/2014)

Dear (CSW) Scam Watch Team,

How does Hotmail/Outlook actually legitimately contact you ? if there is a problem legit problem with your account ?

Sent In By “Always Silent, But Never Alone.


How does Hotmail/Outlook actually legitimately contact you ? if there is a legit problem with your account ?


Remy’s Reply: Thus far I’ve only seen banner like text used when you log-in. Otherwise I can’t confirm any legit e-mails. Also I know they don’t call you that’s for certain.


Matt’s Reply: As far as I am aware, Hotmail have never tried to contact me legitimately, via emails or phone or anything. You can get alerts if you or someone else has failed to login to your account a certain amount of times, requiring you to change your password and security information. If it is indeed Hotmail contacting you, then they should have some key information about your account, like your secret question or alternate email address, and they wouldn’t need to ask you about it all.


Erin’s Reply: It’s a great question. Because we know what is not legit phishing scams and the like. But confirming a legit interaction is a lot harder even from us. The devil is in the details. If it is really Hotmail/Outlook then they will have key info about your account. That they should have without you telling them. Like your IP address of the offending e-mail account.


Danny’s Reply: We refuse to give anymore details on what they should or should not have. As we have already had 2 recent incidents of hack and or scam calls from fake Hotmail call centres in both the US and India. All that I would advise is to not provide details about your account or your computer to someone claiming to be from Hotmail or Outlook. Because if they were Hotmail or Outlook they would already have all your details and would not need anything from you to get into your account.


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Till Next Friday,



3 Responses to EPD 208: Fan Mail Friday’s (07/25/2014)

  1. Ozjon says:

    I also came across this feature in one of the phones we purchased. The phone came with a locked in battery. This form of architecture is really not about stopping any hacking as such. People will always find a way to beat that.

    However, when you look at this issue from a different angle then another picture forms. If a company changes the one thing that will force people to upgrade their phones is by this very function.

    A rechargeable battery lifetime is really not that long. One would be lucky to get a year to two years of use from a single rechargeable battery. After that time if you are of the majority of people than you would replace that one thing that is stopping you from using this phone.

    It is a marketing ploy where phone companies are becoming ever more greedy to steal more from their customers who use such phones. Always, always put the the dollar sign into the equation when you talk about technology that limits life expectancy.

    Don’t buy phones where the battery is not removable. Screw them out of your phone and go for a competitor who does not use such tactics to force you to upgrade or buy a new phone.



    • Remy "Se7en" says:

      Dear Ozjon,

      Very good points. Anyways Thank you for your comment.

      Later Dayz,

      Remy “Se7en”

    • Erin says:

      Dear Ozjon,

      Early on I decided to only buy phones with removable batteries. So, I decided on Samsung for my brand of choice. They all seem to have removable batteries thus far anyways. Outside of phones my tablets don’t have removable batteries. I’m not sure if any tablet has a removable battery. If there is one I have not seen it.

      Thanks for the comment,


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