Blog Update #320.5.5.5 – Simplified Terms and Definitions Explained

Dear Readers and Members,

I wanted to take some time today to talk about the Terms & Definitions Feature that we run here on (CSW).

First up, I know that we’ve been receiving some mail from readers who seem pretty upset about the recent simplified versions of the Terms and Definitions Feature, that has seen us explaining some of the more everyday terms of the computer world, like DVD, and Hard-Disk Drives, but this is due to tow different reasons.

The first reason is because we’ve not covered them before, and that we’ve already covered some of the more complicated-newer versions of these pieces of technology, such as Solid State States, for example, but we really do need these simpler terms added to our database. The second reason is that (CSW) is a growing site, with a growing audience, and as well as appealing to our current readership and members, we also need to reach out to new people, who might just be starting to use these devices or just don’t know what they mean, such as younger children, senior citizens, and technophobes.

If any of our readership is still feeling angry, then don’t be upset, because we have plenty of new Terms and Definitions Updates coming in the following months, and while there will still be some simplified terms, we are also going to be adding some more complicated and extremely convoluted Terms and Definitions, such as Proxy Servers, Flash Memory, Data Threading, Virtual RAM and much more, as well.


Thank you and See You in The Next Update,

Matt Stanyon


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