Easy Bike Repair (1.0) – Paidware App Review

Easy Bike Repair (1.0)

Cost Of App: $3.01 USD/CAD (Google Play App Store)

Is there a paid upgrade option ?: No

App Description: (See Below)

“Easy Bike Repair” is the most detailed bike repair manual on Google play. Here, you get a step by step instruction with detailed quality pictures of how to repair and maintain your bike.

Save money and time

You may save a lot of money when you repair and maintain your own bike.

When you repair and maintain your bike yourself, you do not have to spend time on handing in your bike to the bike shop. And you do not have to wait a week before getting it back. You and only you decide when your bike is to be ready.

“Easy Bike Repair” includes:

– 50 detailed step by step instruction with short and exact descriptions plus detailed quality pictures where everybody may learn how to repair and maintain their own bike by way of very simple tools.

– 25 bike problems with solutions (exact instructions)

“Easy Bike Repair” is divided into the following categories:

– Bike anatomy
– Bike fitting
– Maintenance
– Problem
– Repair
– Tools

“Easy Bike Repair” contains a lot of advantages:

– You save time and a lot of money.
– Each time you repair your own bike, you save a lot of money.
– You also save time because you do not have to go down to the bike shop to hand in your bike.
– You and only you decide when your bike is to be ready.
– You do not have to wait a week before getting your bike back from the bike shop.
– You learn how to repair and maintain your own bike.
– You always bring along your bike repair instruction, both at home and away from home.
– You do not have to spend time checking the Internet and read long instructions.
– You do not even need an Internet connection.
– You may always repair your bike – no matter where you are.

Are there in App ads ?: No

A. Ease Of Use: 4/5 – Very simple UI (User Interface) in this case with one press of a button or a tab. That leads to mostly another page with more tabs with greater detail on the subject matter you picked. Exactly, what I would expect to see in an app like this. This app also avoids overzealous fonts and colours. That I often find with these types of apps.

This app is all about choose your own adventure in this case choose your problem, which will lead you to the hopeful solution in the end. I found very little side tracking when trying to solve your bike problem(s). Even thou I noticed word usage could be a problematic area in this app for some people.

For example what is a derailleur or cassette ? Thou it does show you in the anatomy of the bike image.

B. Security: No impact to smart phone or tablet security

C. Usefulness: 3.5/5 – Where this app slightly falters is in the very fine details. Yes, you can save lots of money. But you need to pay the money first. For one this app cost $3.01 USD/CAD not a bad price by any means. Then there are the tools which you’ll need to repair and or parts to repair your bike. Even thou they are listed, I found no price ranges or brand names of said tools. Some of the tools are very specific and in that case I would expect a how to video or slide show.

I have no doubt that some of these tools listed are very common and are probably sitting in your tool box right now. But other tools will have to be bought and are not that cheap. So this app plays its part but stops being useful when it comes to tools or parts you need to buy after the fact. This of course will vary greatly from person to person and situation to situation.

D. Tablet / Smart Phone Slowdown: No lag or slowdown, that I noticed during use of this app.

E. Type Of User I Would Recommend To Use This App: Anyone who wants an easy how to e-guide to repairing the more common bike issues will find. This app is both fair in price and quite comprehensive. But be advised you’ll still more then likely at some point need tools and or other items you don’t have.

But in this likely case you could always show the bike shop what tools or items you need with this app. And after said tool or item purchase you then have that tool or item to add to your ever expanding bike repair and tuning kit.


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Till The Next Review,

Remy “Se7en”

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