EPD 185: Fan Mail Friday’s (02/14/2014)

Dear Remy and Matt,

I wanted to ask you guys if you plan on doing some new content on some of your older features such as Q+A, How to “Guides”, and Scam Watch anytime soon ?

Sent In By “Feature-FULL”


If you plan on doing some new content on some of your older features such as Q+A, How to “Guides”, and Scam Watch anytime soon ?


Remy’s Reply: The simple answer is to your question is yes, but only if we have time. Right now we are being booked with content 1 full month in advanced of publication of our content, but there is no doubt. I want to get back into doing some of our and our fan favourite features. Right now though, it just is not possible to put aside the time to revamp or add onto a current past feature. 

That being said. We do have plans to do some updates and some totally new content under the banners you mentioned, but probably not anytime soon, seeing as we are already looking at between April and May, as February is totally booked as of yesterday and March has only a handful of days left.

But that being said there will be lots of new content coming just unlikely under those banners, as we always like to mix things up @ (CSW), so only time will tell and if you are looking at a feature you want really bad or a subject you want cover, then  e-mail us @ computer.savvy@hotmail.com or leave us a comment. It’s not a promise but if you guys want the content and are really interested in said content we are much more likely to put it up.


Matt’s Reply: I think we can easily say that yes, we more than likely will be returning to those features one day, it’s just a matter of when, because, as Remy “Se7en” has said, we are booked up for the next month with advanced content, and we have no space left in February 2014 and only a few days left in March 2014. We will be returning to these fan favourite features hopefully sometime after that, maybe in either April or May 2014, when we can get them in with the rest of our daily content, but for now it’s just not actually possible, due to time constraints, and obligations to other content.

In the next couple of months, we will have a lot of great original content on (CSW) to help shake things up, including updates to content that is already available on the site, but it won’t be from those respective features.


So if you are keen and want all the latest (CSW) news, reviews and features. You can follow us via our main Twitter Page @ https://twitter.com/#!/Computer_Savvy or via his own personal Twitter Page https://twitter.com/#!/RemySe7en .

PS: Just a heads up to all our readership. He does indeed follow everyone back. If you follow him on his own personal Remy “Se7en” Twitter account.


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Till Next Friday,

Remy + Matt

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